Adventure Content Guide

These guides suck, I want one written by Klaysee

What if I give you two? These go into a lot more depth and also have more spoilers.

Chapter 1

Chapter 5

What’s a Content Guide?

This is not a proper guide to the entirety of Adventure Mode. Rather, this tells you what is in the game for you to find. If you want to experience all of the game’s content, and there’s something on this list that is unfamiliar to you, then there’s more for you to find!

The first list is a non-spoiler list. At the bottom of the page are rough instructions for how to find each section. If you want to find them on your own, then don’t scroll down.

If you need help with a subquest, the forums are the place to be!

Page was last updated for Prototype 5-2c on July 20th, 2018.

Chapter 1 – Mei

  1. Dungeon Introduction
  2. Slimeville
  3. Adina and the Salt Flats (Mind Control Sequence)
  4. Alicia the Gemcutter in Evermoon Forest
  5. Trannadar Trading Post
  6. Breanne’s Pit Stop
  7. Outland Farm
  8. Rescuing Someone from the Werecats
  9. Quantir Mansion and The Warden (Boss Battle)
  10. Rescuing Claudia
  11. The Beehive Basement and the Corruption Within (Boss Battle)
  12. Far Beneath the Dimensional Trap (Boss Battle)
  13. Breanne’s Pepper Pie
  14. Chapter 1 Ending Sequence

Chapter 5 – Christine

  1. Cryogenics
  2. Regulus City
  3. Lower Regulus City
  4. Sector 15 and the Rogue Human
  5. Tellurium Mines and the Steam Droids
  6. Equinox Labs (Boss Battle)
  7. Serenity Crater Observatory (Boss Battle)
  8. Long-Range Telemetry Facility (Boss Battle)

(Chapter 5 is currently under development)

Below this point are some more detailed instruction on how to access these areas. Don’t scroll down if you want to find them on your own.









Chapter 1

Introduction Dungeon

You can’t miss this area since you have to clear it to continue with the chapter. There is an optional area on the west side which requires the Cultist Key to access. You can find extra items and the Boat Oars here. The Boat Oars can be used to reach Breanne’s Pit Stop from the north end of the Dimensional Trap once you exit the dungeon, allowing you to bypass the southern forest.


Once you exit the starting dungeon, head east. There is a blue slime standing near the pond. Talk to her to head to Slimeville.

Adina and the Salt Flats

Head straight south from the Dimensional Trap’s southern exit. You should reach the Salt Flats eventually. Walk across the bridge to meet Adina.

To begin the Mind Control sequence, you must a) Not have spoken to Adina in any form other than Human b) Not have access to Alraune form c) Not have Florentina in the party.

When Adina asks you to trust her, do it.

To make Mei fall in love with Adina, work on the Salt Flats for 2 or more days before breaking out of her influence.

To break Adina’s influence, talk to her and select the Resist option multiple times in a row. If she gives you her special pollen, talk to her again. This cannot be done at night.

Alicia the Gemcutter in Evermoon Forest

From the Dimensional Trap, head south, then east at the first junction. Follow the path until you see a sign, then read it. It should specify that there’s a gemcutter’s cabin to the south. Head south, Alicia’s cabin is on the east side of this area. She can improve your gems in exchange for Adamantite Powder.

Trannadar Trading Post

This is on your map. You’ll meet Florentina here at the general goods shop. Nadia, Cap’n Blythe, and a Goat are all here. Please don’t bother the goat.

North of the Trading Post you will find Aquillia, the lady who you met at the start of the game, near the lakeside cabin.

Breanne’s Pit Stop

From the Trading Post, go northeast. Don’t climb the cliffs, stay on the east side. There’s a save point and a sign right in front of this area, and it’s on your map.

Outland Farm

Head due north from the Trading Post. The first clue to Claudia’s whereabouts is here. The bee hive is north across the river. Both of these are on your map.

Rescuing Someone from the Werecats

From Breanne’s Pit Stop, travel north and east. Enter the forest, then go north again and climb the rope. Continue north until you encounter a campsite with three werecats. Defeat them (hard!) and then rest up. Continue along the path.

During this sequence, each battle costs time. Once it’s night time, you will be too late to save the girl. If you find her in time, but lose the ensuing battle, she and Mei will become werecats.

The girl is in one of four locations selected at random. You will be notified when you find one such dead end.

Quantir Mansion and the Warden

You will be direct this way from Sister Karina at Outland Farm. It’s in the very northeast corner of the game world and is on your map.

There is an optional boss battle here. You must venture into the sewers to get the hints you’ll need to open the door to the Warden’s room. The Warden is at the end of the hall in the top-left corner of the manor. Check the statues and answer the questions – you may want to write down what you read in the sewers diary.

The Warden is a difficult battle. You will need Florentina’s Intimidate ability, which can be found in the skillbooks elsewhere in the manor. Check the bookshelves.

Rescuing Claudia

Enter the Quantir Manor sewers and travel to the underground lake. On the far right side of the lake is a door that is welded shut. Mei will require Slime or Ghost form to pass it. Claudia is within. Give her the hacksaw you saw on the way in.

The Beehive Basement and the Corruption Within

Travel to the Beehive in the northwest corner of the world. It is north of Outland Farm. Mei does not need to have Bee form to access it. Head to the basement. The bees here will block your progress but, if Florentina is present, she can get you past them.

There is a boss further in the hive.

If Mei is in bee form and gets defeated, she will become a Zombee temporarily. You do not get to keep this transformation. (or do you?)

Far Beneath the Dimensional Trap

Reach around level 6 and the next time you enter Breanne’s Pit Stop, Nadia will inform you that something bad is happening. You do not need to see this scene to enter the dungeon.

You must have Alraune form and have Florentina in the party.

Go to the south entrance to the Dimensional Trap. On the far left side, there is a building. Enter it (Florentina will pick the lock) and go downstairs. If Mei is in Alraune form, you can enter the dungeon here.

Breanne’s Pepper Pie

When you have reached level 5 or thereabouts, talk to Breanne. She will send you on a mission to find ingredients for a Pepper Pie. The ingredients are scattered across Trannadar.

At a campfire, you can talk to Florentina, who will give you hints on any ingredients you may have missed.

Chapter 1 Ending Sequence

Once you have the Rilmani Language Guide from the Quantir Mansion, head back to the Dimensional Trap. There is a stairwell inside that leads to the upper floor. Go to the right side and enter the storage room. Examine the mirror.

Chapter 5


You start here, so it’s pretty hard to miss. The area is under construction, so there is a door in the basement that doesn’t go anywhere, and you cannot exit through the airlock on the southeast part of the building.

Regulus City

After completing Cryogenics, head north and follow the lamp posts to Regulus City. There is a long series of events here.

Lower Regulus City

After 55 rejoins the party, you can check the elevators to go to Basement 2F. The gemcutter for Chapter 5 is here.

Sector 15 and the Rogue Human

Check the work terminal in Sector 96 once 55 joins the party. Select the Sector 15 job, then go to the tram on the north end of the sector and go to Sector 15. Go to the basement via the elevators. The human is not hard to locate but you’ll need to use your smarts to catch her.

Tellurium Mines and the Steam Droids

You do no need to examine the work terminal to perform this task. After 55 joins the party, take the tram to the Tellurium Mines and speak to the Lord Golem there. Enter the mines in the southwest corner of the area.

Journey down to Floor 20 and follow the Steam Droid to the east side of the map. You should be able to figure out the rest, I have faith in you.

Equinox Labs

Travel to Sector 15 from the trams. When you arrive, a strange message will be received on your PDU. Travel south out the airlock and across the surface to the Equinox Labs. The area is complete when you defeat the Command Unit there. Be sure to check your Combat Inspector during the battle, it’s very useful.

Serenity Crater Observatory

From the trams, go to the Telemetry Facility. Head out the airlock and go east. Go south at the junction (a note indicates that Serenity is to the south) and follow that until you reach the observatory.

Long-Range Telemetry Facility

From the trams, go to the Telemtry Facility, and go north at the junction instead of south to Serenity. The area is rather large and full of enemies. At the end is a boss battle. Win it and you’ve reached the end of Prototype 5-2’s main story content.

Transformation Listing

Slime Mei
1) Be defeated by any of the slimes in Evermoon forest.
2) (Voluntary) Go to slimeville and accept a nice drink from one of the slimes.

Alraune Mei
1) Be defeated by any of the Alraunes in Evermoon forest.
2) (Voluntary) After meeting Breanne, exit and re-enter the area. Talk to the Alraune in the Pit Stop and agree to be joined.

Werecat Mei
1) Be defeated by any of the werecats in Evermoon forest.
2) Fail to save Cassandra in north Evermoon.
3) (Voluntary) Fail to save Cassandra in north Evermoon, and then join the wercats when prompted.

Bee Mei
1) Be defeated by any of the bees in Evermoon forest.
2) (Voluntary) Go to the beehive’s upper floor and eat the honey there. Yum!

Ghost Mei
1) (Voluntary) When you open the coffin to get the manor key, agree with the ghost who accosts you.
2) Be defeated by any of the ghosts in the manor.

Zombee Mei
1) While in bee form, be defeated by the zombees in the beehive basement.

Golem Christine
1) Complete Cryogenics

Latex Drone Christine
1) In the LRT facility, be defeated by the Latex Drones or other enemies there.

Darkmatter Christine (Incomplete)
1) Complete the Serenity Crater event chain. This form is usable but incomplete in Prototype 5-2.

Steam Droid Christine (Incomplete)
1) Complete the Sprocket City even chain in the Tellurium Mines. This form is usable but incomplete in Prototype 5-2.

Eldritch Dreamer Christine (Incomplete)
1) Be defeated by Vivify at the end of the LRT facility. This form is usable but incomplete in Prototype 5-2.
2) In later prototypes, be defeated by the Eldritch Dreamer enemies. Not in 5-2.

Electrosprite Christine (Not Implemented)
This form is not in Prototype 5-2. It will be in Prototype 5-3.

Raiju Christine (Not Implemented)
This form is not in Prototype 5-2. It will likely be in Prototype 5-3.

Doll Christine (Not implemented)
This form is not in Prototype 5-2. It will likely be in Prototype 5-4.

Other Scenes and Things You May Have Missed

Chapter 1 – Alraune/Bee H-Scene

In Chapter 1, Mei must be an Alraune and be defeated by a bee.

Chapter 1 – Joanie and Breanne

In Chapter 1, Mei must be in bee form and speak to Breanne. Breanne will mention her former friend (you may need to speak to her more than once). Return to the Pit Stop later and Joanie will be there hanging out with Breanne.

Chapter 1 – The Goat

Please do not bother the goat.

Chapter 1 – The Platinum Compass

Head to the Trafal Glacier Pass in the southwestern corner of the map and speak to the merchants there. One will sell you a Platinum Compass, which plays a tone when there is a Catalyst in the same room as you.

Chapter 1 – Adina and Alraune Mei

Have Mei fall in love with Adina by working 2+ days at the Salt Flats. Leave, become an Alraune, and return to Adina without recruiting Florentina. Ask Adina to enslave you again. An extra scene will play where Alraune Mei becomes enslaved.

Chapter 1 – The Pliant Man

Check the sign in Breanne’s Pit Stop. Ask Breanne about the sign, then her parents. Have access to Alraune form, but be in Human form. Speak to the Alraune in the pit stop and she will mention wanting to join humans voluntarily and express surprise that Mei can transform. Now, speak to the drunken man (in blue) at the Pit Stop. Select the option to join him.

Be warned that if Florentina is present, she will not take too kindly to this.

The Fort on the East Side of Evermoon

There is a fort with a locked door on the eastern side of Evermoon forest. The door is locked with a silver key and has a distinct pattern on it.
You cannot enter this in Chapter 1. It is part of Chapter 6’s content, so don’t worry about it.

Chapter 5 – Dating

Christine and Sophie can do the following things on their dates:

  1. Work at their jobs and chat.
  2. Work at the fabricators on the east side of the sector (and chat).
  3. Watch videographs on the north side of the sector.
  4. Watch the Raijus play in their room (examine the glass).
  5. Chat in Christine’s quarters (examine the table).
  6. Watch a videograph on Christine’s couch chesterfield.
  7. Tandem-read novels (Examine the west computer in the computer room).
  8. Play the incomplete, unpolished minigames in the computer room.
    These will be cut from Prototype 5-3 as they are redundant now.

Future prototypes will add to this list.

Chapter 5 – JX-101 and SX-399’s Night Out

You can do the following things during this sequence:

  1. Organize the bookshelves in the library
  2. Make some drawings at the art studio
  3. Play a game of Penkak
  4. Maintain the brass plants near the Penkak board
  5. Maintain the oil and steam vats in the FotF HQ.
  6. Fix the broken computer in the FotF HQ.
  7. Once 6 is done, check the computer again to look at adorable pictures on the internet, just like what I do with my mom in real life!
  8. Shop for haaaaaaaaaaaats at the vendor in central Sprocket City.

If applicable, you should call your mom in real life and tell her you love her.
But don’t tell her you did it because a naughty game developer said so.