Artist Commission Info

So you want to commission an artist…

We here at Starlight love to make stuff for people, and during the production process we often have downtime since Salty is so damn slow. So we take commissions! If you liked the stuff you saw in our games, we can make it for you!

All prices are USD. Why no, WordPress is not the best for displaying images like this!

Very Important – Read This

If you are getting something commissioned which can be used as promotional artwork for Pandemonium, and will allow us to use it as such, we will knock 5$ off the commission price and then post the image as fan-art for everyone to enjoy.

Generally, if an artist wants you to contact them, they can be found on our Discord. You can also send an email to Pandemonium AT starlightstudios DOT org.

Koops The Concept Artist

Koops does our costume and environmental concepting. She also did the concept and eventual finished work for Doll Manor/String Tyrant! Quoth the Koops:

15$ for uncolored sketch(no bg)
25$ for uncolored line(no bg)
35$ for colored sketch
45$ for colored and lined Shading is +5$, another character is +20$
Background is a +5$, but it also depends on whatcha want for a bg because im not good at em
Specialized, stylized commissions get 5-10$ off.
I can do character designs and ocs, nsfw and sfw, but no mechs.

Any questions can be directed at me though! I dont bite and we can always negotiate somethin.
*If you are polite, you get bonus cat pictures, though pictures of your own animals will get you more! Here are some examples of Koops’ work:

Stinkehund the Inker-hund

Stinkehund does the inkwork and shading for our stuff. She also does a lot of non-human work and animations. You see those combat animations in Pandemonium? That’s her work. She also does some environmental work.

Her DeviantArt page with commission information is here.


Urimas the Spriter

Urimas does all our sprites and tile work (with a few exceptions made by Salty), as well as some of our sprite animation. He is also trying to get a handle on 3D animation and sculpting.

Presently, he usually charges hourly because sprites are such a varying task of complexity. If you need something simple and small, he will charge you per-frame. Animations will be costed per-hour. Please contact him directly with questions.



Chicken is generally busy making stuff for the studio so I beg you do not commission her oh no.

However, here is her DeviantArt page with commission info.




MarioneTTe the Writer and Editor

Mario is our resident wordsmith. Despite the title, he actually only does the editing for a TF scene after Salty has written it. He has rewritten a few scenes in their entirety, such as the Zombee TF sequence.

You can find examples of his work on our Amazon page.

If you wish to commission a story, please contact him for details and pricing.

Salty the Writer and Coder

Salty actually does take writing and coding commissions. Did you like – literally anything about Pandemonium or Doll Manor not specified above? That was him. SaltyJustice is a living else case.
s’a little coding joke from him to you.

If you wish to commission a story, it’s 1$ a page, and he doesn’t do some topics like vore or guro, contact him for specifics. Please be aware that the money you pay him for this will be recycled into Pandemonium’s budget, so you’re just supporting the project in a different way, really.

As for coding work, contact him directly for details. Coding jobs ain’t cheap but he does good work.

You can find examples of his work by playing the fucking games he makes.

DrDissonance the Musician

While not technically a team member, he’s made (almost) all of the music for the game at this point. A few tracks were made by other people, please check the credits file included in the game’s download information for where to find them.

His bandcamp page is here, which contains his contact information in the lower right. He charges per-minute and has a wide range – you can find his work in Pandemonium by looking in the Games/AdventureMode/Audio/Music/ folder. Please verify it was him in the credits file before contacting him about a song.