Help Running the Game on OSX


This is mostly directed as OSX users. I am not an OSX coder, I only picked it up fairly recently, so I strongly encourage more advanced OSX users to send me useful advice. The fastest way is the TFGS forum (just send me a PM).

System Requirements

Pandemonium was compiled on an OSX 10.12 Sierra machine. Because of Apple’s OSX versioning structure, this means earlier versions of OSX (like El Capitan) will not be able to run it out of the box. I don’t know of any workarounds, though I have been told that emulating Windows and running the .exe files works for some people.

In addition, I have set the program to refer to the /osxbin folder for its libraries. If your system is set up oddly, you may be missing needed libraries. You can use “otool -L PandemoniumSDLMac” in the console to see the dependencies and download any you don’t have.

Help! I can’t run PandemoniumSDLMac! It just shows a bunch of garble!

This is due to the fact that OSX often fails to store execution permissions when zipping files. I use Keka for my zipping and it’s usually fine, but this is just-in-case:

Open up the terminal, navigate to your Pandemonium directory, and type “sudo chmod 755 PandemoniumSDLMac” (Manpage for chmod)

This will change the execution permissions of the file. You should now be able to double-click it to run it like any other application.

If you’re a Mac developer and know a way to fix this occurring, please let me know.