Help Wanted: Emote Artist for Runes of Pandemonium

Chicken’s Help Ad

We, here at the studio, are looking for emote-artists. That would be artists specifically for drawing dialogue-pictures. If you are interested, please send us your portfolio – we will be focusing on the ability to draw the same character with many different facial expressions and in various poses, on-model and anatomically coherent. If you are the right fit for the game and the team, we will be requiring an example of how you would work for us – two emotes of the same character, fully lined to show your capabilities. You will, of course, be fully compensed for your time, we don’t expect free art. Concept art and emote-grid will be provided for you to work with, as well as an example of emotes to give you the right idea of what we need. We hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to seeing your art! We are anxious to get some extra help with this task, and excited to welcome one (or more!) new members to the team!

-Chickenwhite, lead artist

Salty’s Technical Information

Please send inquiries to our studio email address – pandemonium AT starlightstudios DOT org
Alternately, join our Discord! You can yell at me in person.

You need to send us a portfolio before we will consider you for emotes. After that, we will send you the requisite materials and an assignment, to be compensated by 20$ USD (it’s a couple sketches so it hopefully won’t take you too long! If it does we can issue more, we believe artists should be paid).

If we decide to take you on as a contractor, further negotiations will take place. Chickenwhite needs to sign off both on your portfolio and on your sketches.