Other Game Guides

These are guides that have been written for various reasons over the course of the game’s development. Some are technical, some are content guides. Enjoy!

Klaysee’s Guides

Guides written by your favourite patisserie, Klaysee! These go into detail on all the content available, boss strategies, and how/where to get all the forms. They are way better than my crappy guides.

Chapter 1

Chapter 5

String Tyrant

Salty’s Guides

These guides are not as good as Klaysee’s guides and are mostly technical.

Help running the game on OSX – Helps fix common problems with the OSX build of the game.

Classic Mode Game Information – Shows the UI and properties of Classic Mode.

Corrupter Mode Guide – Shows some of the new features of Corrupter Mode as compared with Classic Mode, and how to access them.

Adventure Mode Content Guide – Shows off what you can do in Adventure Mode.