Development Update: January 20th, 2020

Programming Stuff

I have had a very bad week.

I expect the Manufactory patch will be out next week. I hope to have it sent to the testers on Thursday.

Artistic Endeavours

We have the Queen Bee Mei emotes all finished and they will be in the manufactory patch. You’ll be able to unlock the costume in chapter 1 with a password that you will get in the beehive (or you can just check the patreon because I’ll post it there as well).

From here on out, Chicken is remastering art. Hund will be finishing the remaining attack animations. Urimas is working on some secret stuff that Discord sort of already knows about. Just saying in case you were thinking of hanging out there.

Most Curious

Hey we got some String Tyrant questions this week! Can’t wait to finish work on it.



Here is the link to the gdoc I mentioned there. Recommendations welcome, and I encourage you to write reviews. We need more in-depth discussion of TF games.

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