Development Update: August 31st, 2020

Coding Stuff

I am – still – working on bugfixes, because hoo boy there were a lot of bugs. Every time I fix some, more pop up. But I’m pretty close.

Pyxxis and I spent a couple hours hashing out the enemy list and figuring out enemy stats. Whenever I’m done with the bugs I can start plugging stats in.


Chickenwhite came back from vacation and immediately sent me a) a picture of a tired dog and b) a new enemy. Patrons get to see the new enemy today!

Also, here is one of our new enemy concepts: Jelli!

Koops has been concepting up a storm of various add-on enemies that appear alongside monstergirls but are not playable forms.

Also Urimas made a bunch of icons and stuff but whatever.

Curious Cat

Are Ya Linkin’ Son?

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Maiden Sealed in Stone, a game Salty translated!

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