Development Update: January 25th, 2021

Coding Stuff

We are getting close enough to release that it’s time I start posting my checklist. I estimate the BBP’s first release will be in early February for chapter 5.

  • Finish updating the maps
  • Update all the shops
  • Add skillbooks and skillbook markers
  • Give special attacks to the enemies that need them
  • Update missing enemy portraits
  • Finish class abilities
  • Add paragons
  • Test run with dummy bosses
  • Send to testers for balance feedback
  • Implement bosses
  • Redesign Raibie Christine encounter
  • Send to testers for boss balance feedback
  • Release


Chicken is currently slogging through the Petraiain emotes for Mei, and has finished all the reshading for chapter 1. All chapter 1 needs is the emotes for Mei and the gravemarker TF images, and it is complete.

Urimas, like always, is making sprites. We have a couple new enemies and will also need recolored paragon sprites. After that he is making icons for the new skills.

Koops is currently designing animals you can hunt in chapter 2. They are ferocious.

Hund is unemployed.

Curious Cat

Who keeps sending all these questions?

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