Development Update: March 8th, 2021

Patch v3.11 Released to Patrons

That’s right, v3.11 is out. This is a bugfix patch, sorting out lots of typos, cutscene errors, and the like. A full changelog will be posted to patreon since it’d be nonsense to people who haven’t played the game.

Voting Time for $5 Patrons

Today, $5+ patrons get to vote on what we’re going to do next. But what are the options? Rather than try to shove them onto google’s (abhorrent) voting software, I’m posting them here! So you can read them here, and then vote!

Option 1: Mechanical Patch
I’ve been wanting to do lots of under-the-hood optimizations on the game for a long time. Chapter 1’s ability code needs to be modernized to use chapter 5’s format, we need a gallery to view some of the art, a bestiary, a journal, and optimizations to the loading code. All of these would take a lot of time, so they’d all be lumped into the Mechanical Patch.
Estimated time: 2 Months (Bugs will likely abound)

Option 2: Editorial Patch
You know how sometimes characters are slightly misaligned in cutscenes? You know how the romance between Christine and Sophie is a little rushed? You know how most NPCs stand around like lemons instead of walking around town? Yeah, I noticed that too.
The Editorial Patch is me going back and updating a lot of the old cutscenes to fix all the tiny unimportant things, and then reworking parts of the game’s story to improve it. Chapter 1 gets a new quest or two (to make players more likely to find parts of the map, like the gemcutter), chapter 5’s Raibie quest gets reworked, and so on.
[Edit by Mario: During the Editorial Patch, Mario will work on revamping the text for a number of the more lackluster TFs. A bit of fleshing out, a bit of polish, and a solid dash of sauce and sass when appropriate.]
Estimated time: 3 Months (Bugs will *definitely* abound)

Option 3: UI Patch
Now that the BBP is out, I know exactly what I need on the UI and where. Problem is, the UI is a patchwork of parts. There’s unused space on the skills UI, the combat UI is a little cluttered, there are three different cursor systems in use, and so on. With the UI patch, all of these will be unified so everything looks nice.
Estimated time: 1 Month

Option 4: Plow Straight On to Chapter 2
Throw caution to the wind and start development on chapter 2, with all the minor problems like the UI and old code left callously by the roadside. Keep in mind the artists are still vainly trying to catch up on all the missing art from chapter 5 (We don’t even have an Electrosprite TF sequence!) so there will be even more placeholder art than usual!
Estimated time: 1 Year (Probably)

Option 5: Let Us Choose
Trust the judgement of the studio and discard your vote. If this gets the majority, then the studio will decide.
And by that, I mean Chicken will decide and hold us at knifepoint until we agree. This is called “forhandling” I’m told.
Estimated time: ???

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2 thoughts on “Development Update: March 8th, 2021

  1. I’m voting for #4 because I feel like we’ll be going back and having this same poll in the future when Chapter 2 does finally get going, and it’d probably be easier to fill in the gaps after the game actually has all its planned content than doing it piecemeal and then having to scrap certain elements a that took 6 months to do after a year.


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