Pandemonium v3.20 Released!

Get it here! ( / Mediafore WinLinOsx Bundled)

Changelog below, but first an important note:
This is the NC+ for chapter 1 patch, allowing you to replay the chapter after completing it.
You must complete it using this version, that is, if you have a save that has already completed the chapter, that save will be missing a lot of stuff when it boots NC+.
This is because the variables needed to reconstruct the chapter weren’t saved.

Also, there are several spots where the game checks if you have a form available to determine if you can see a cutscene. For example, if your NC+ has alraune form in it, you won’t be able to see Adina. This will be fixed later, because I need to restructure several scenes and I don’t want to introduce new bugs at this stage.

The Changelog

Version 3.20

*You can now modify autosaves, shader options, and asset streaming options from the main menu.
*Added New Chapter Plus for chapter 1!

*Added dedicated pause menu for Nowhere.
*Rebel golems no longer have antennae
*Added missing bestiary entries
*Darkmatters in southern Regulus are no longer hostile when Christine is a darkmatter.
*Options for games not currently present should no longer appear.
*Small enemies now only need 5 KOs to show all their stats in the combat inspector.
*Zombee quest should be resolved even if you defeat the cultist without Mei getting zombee’d.
*Added back in pre-combat dialogues when Mei meets her first monstergirl.
*Added holding Ctrl to move 10 entries at a time to the shop menus.
*Put a few invis-zones and moved a few enemy patrols so you don’t get into a fight immediately upon entering a room in some places.
*Unified statistic icons in the UI a bit.
*Added Gravemarker dialogue for the Dimensional Trap Dungeon.
*Florentina now says Pepper Pie can be used three times a battle instead of just once.
*Added Shields/Adrenaline to the combat glossary.
*Added a gems page to the combat glossary.
*Added an autosave indicator.
*Activating switches in the Trap Dungeon Door Maze won’t stop field abilities.
*Bestiary now shows the enemy’s level (which is used for JP calculations).
*Zombee battle TF now correctly shows 6 CP cost instead of 2.
*You can now refuse Meryl’s help in the manor basement. She will remain nearby if you change your mind.
*Added Share;Lock handler for slime Mei.

Combat Balance
*Paragons now have +100 Acc/Evd/Ini instead of a multiplier.
*Can no longer use Mei’s Hive Scout Call For Help after a free action.

*Fixed Aquillia not having a profile portrait when still named “Prisoner”
*Removed some debug text
*Fixed some missing map tiles
*Fixed the underwater shader not activating correctly.
*Fixed Latex Christine’s profile vanishing.
*Can no longer mug the enemies during the memory doll sequence.
*Mugging werecats should no longer advance the Cassandra timer.
*Should no longer sometimes trigger a battle in the Quantir Yard SW from the western door.
*Fixed a bug with the zombee quest state.
*Can no longer transform at the gala, as amusing as that is.
*Hopefully fixed chests clipping into the wall when opened.
*Tellurium Mines quest entry should appear even if you skipped the work order.
*Cleaned up some text mistakes.
*Fixed JX-101’s profile not being updated when the quest is completed.
*Mugging guards during the rubber fishing village segment should no longer behave oddly.
*Fixed quest log not updating if you fail the rubber sequence due to Polaris.
*Nix Nedar’s location entry should appear correctly now.
*Fixed re-deploying the rope in Quantir.
*Fixed the gem scrollbar and inventory scrolling not working on the gem merge interface.
*Fixed music not resetting when retreating in an area with no level music.
*Fixed a bug with Poison Darts showing the wrong damage.
*Fixed an error in Petraian Flutter’s description.
*Can no longer trigger the Nadia-tells-you-about-the-dungeon scene while reliving scenes.
*Fixed inter-chapter catalyst problems.

Engine Upgrades
*Journal now tracks paragon KOs and even shows a symbol when you’ve defeated a given paragon at least once.
*Audio playback should now correctly track changing the audio device on OSX/Windows.