Development Update: December 20th, 2021

Beta 3 This Week

I’m still finishing a few things up. I want to redo the turn portraits and fix a couple animations.

As per fan response, the health and mana bars are now fatter with thinner frames, and the CP icons are now staggered and also brighter against a new backing.

In fact let’s go over that survey shall we?

The Survey Results

There were 13 responses, though I did add an additional question afterwards and some people made a new response just for that last question. There seems to be 11 respondents total.

Most people prefer the Expert UI, so that’s going to be the default one going forward. I’ll put a tutorial thingy in to tell players about the alternate UIs.

Luckily nobody hated either UI so much that they wanted it scrapped. It’s just another game option.

And the exact same percentage prefer the fading UI so that will be the default as well.

Most people like the UI! It has all been worth it. This is good because if it got a low score I’d probably reinstate the old one and be done with it forever.

You might be shocked to learn that we don’t have a title screen, we actually have a game/engine selector. This is for compatibility reasons with Classic Mode. In fact String Tyrant will even appear on it if the engine detects it.

While I do want to make a title screen, people want me to get it done later, possibly after the Steam release.

People slightly prefer the old main menu, so I reimplemented the 3×3 selection. Other than that the preferences were random and pretty slight. So nothing needs to be rolled back.

I was actually quite worried that nobody would understand the profiles menu but it seems most people do. Phew.

This is a freeform question so you can see that some of these have already been handled, and one of them is a bug report for a thing that isn’t even technically part of the UI update!

This just in: Niko is a cute kitty.

This is the extra question I added. People liked the more balanced view of the catalysts on the left side of the screen. Okay.

And that’s the survey. The official UI update will be released on January 1st 2022, so I’ll be fixing bugs and making minor additions until then.

Curious Cat

Curious Cat got nuked. Nobody knows why. We might use a different service but for the time being here are some cats.

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