Development Update: September 26th, 2022

The Monoceros Thing

I just got the new boss music, and Urimas has ONE spritesheet to go. So this week I will send it to the testers, and release the prototype to the public next week. If the testers think it’s good, I might even release it sooner.

The Pandemonium Thing

I’ve finished a minor subquest and am working my way through various other scenes, characters, and the reams of dialogue that come with having an optional character in an open world scenario. Apparently I hate myself! It’s a lot of work!

Koops finished the Talia design but we’re not releasing it for a bit because we’re going to talk about it at the team meeting. Hund got me the map for Mt. Sarulente so we’re almost done on that front.

While I do want to have the next Pandemonium release by the end of October, I am thinking I’ll come juuuuust short of having it ready. Now that I’ve said that, I’ll look like a real asshole if I have it ready on time.

Oh and DrDiss got us some new boss music. Patrons get to hear it today!

Niko Becomes a Boomerang

The best thing about Niko is that if you throw him, he comes back!

Fan Art

Yeah spooky month is coming up, and that means we’re gonna get a bunch of spooky stuff in the near future. Just be glad Vampire Mei by HadezMuze wasn’t a skeleton.

Curious Cat

I wonder if there are links on the surface of the sun

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