Marriage Update: October 11th, 2022

That’s right, the reason why we probably won’t have the next chapter 2 release this month is because CHICKEN AND KOOPS ARE GETTING MARRIED.

Even as we speak those two are in the USA doing… I don’t know. They weren’t very specific, all I know is that sandwiches were involved. Ham? Balogna? We can’t know.

As such the flow of artwork is somewhat slowed until mid-November. I am going to make up for it by forcing Urimas to work harder. I will get all the scripts and such in position so we can slot the art in and release ASAP. So go congratulate those idiots.

Monoceros Note

There are some bugs involving the field abilities menu I need to sort out. A bugfix release will come out later this week.

Curious Cat

Fan Art!

Our first piece: What would happen if our heroes in chapter 5 just didn’t succeed, and instead got turned into latex drones? By Miraimiru. I love what-ifs even if they’re bad ends!

Next it’s Kitsune Talia by HadezMuze! Sadly fox-elves don’t have even bigger ears.

And lastly, a what-if where SX-399 and 55 were anime schoolgirls and also dating. I assume they’ll get attacked by robots or something and discover they have superpowers. I know how anime works.

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