Development Update: October 24th, 2022

Woah, Coding!

The harpy stuff is finished! You can now do the bunny subquest to the end, and the harpy outpost has its characters and scripting. Thanks to some engine updates for Monoceros, we have a new game feature:

Monoceros forced me to add script interrupts to the UI (so the player can change forms on the fly by changing their charm), and that means I can use those interrupts to re-check enemy ignore states. This means I can have items you can equip adjust your ignore state, in addition to forms.

From a design perspective, I don’t want to lock the player out of fighting a certain enemy just because they wound up “making friends” with that faction. What if you need to grind harpies! Figuratively!

Adding these items will add that bit of flexibility. Just wear this badge if you don’t want to fight harpies on the roads. Even Zeke can wear it! I assume they glue it to him.

Next I will be doing a subquest in Westwoods, and that’s actually the last of the major new pieces. After that it’s dialogue, enemy balancing, and the dreaded bug testing.

Monoceros Update?

Ha ha, joke’s on you, it’s next Monday. There’s 31 days in October, sucker!

But, I was commissioned to write a short story. It’s a prequel! You can read it! It has zombies, vampires, ghosts, and TG/TF! It has everything you ever wanted.

Next week is the milestone update, where I discuss the state of the game and tease some of the enemies and bosses!

Fan Art

Related to the above story, here’s a zombie maid in her undies, by HadezMuze. I promise I’ll make the endings less depressing in the future.

Curious SCARY Cat

Yes, there are actually two cats in this photo. If you can see both, you might have SCARY eyes.


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