Pandemonium v4.14 Released

What’s that? Yes it’s a new version of RoP. There is exactly one change. I believe I finally got the black screen bug. The controls are now just directly on the tilemap because I believe it was the underlay under the tutorial that was causing the issue.

I will be pushing this to Itch/Steam once I’m certain it actually fixed the bug. This bug has been so annoying for so long I hate it. I HATE IT.

You can download it here ( / Mediafire) (Win/Lin/Mac Bundle)

Other Stuff

I’m currently working through the Bad Ends in Monoceros. It took a while to get into the swing but I can likely get 2 done a day at the current level of complexity. Urimas is doing sprites and we might have a guest artist currently trying out for RoP work. Otherwise the artists are just drawing stuff like usual.

Important: There will be a Patrol Poll in two weeks (May 22nd) to determine what I do after Monoceros is complete. Don’t miss it!

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