HoP:Remastered v1.20 Release

Introducing 3D Mode!

That’s right comrades, now you can play House of Pandemonium in glorious 3D!

Go to the downloads page to get it, or click here.

A primer on using 3D mode is provided on this page. The controls are not obvious unless you play FPS games a lot, and there are some useful shortcuts available.

The game is entirely functional in terms of what was available in the 1.0 release. All monsters work, items work, etc. However, some parts of the UI are works-in-progress and the level itself is only about 40% complete. It’ll be fairly obvious which parts are incomplete, they’re square brick rooms with no detail.


You can see more screenshots on the… screenshots page. Here’s one to keep your interest.


Known Bugs

Obviously, this is not a completed implementation of 3D mode. There are some bugs lying around, but I have deemed them insufficiently serious to warrant delaying the release. Here are the ones I know about (and if you add comments, I might modify this list).

  1. Item usage as a faerie needs to be locked out more robustly. Using a cursed necklace in faerie mode is supposed to be a no-no.
  2. Some users have reported problems with the usage of cow collars. While rare, there may be double-dealloc crashes. Please report!
  3. Some of the portraits are not correctly aligned in 3D mode, particularly those of slimes.
  4. There’s no way to navigate using the mouse in 3D mode if you want to go up or down a floor. Use the keyboard for now.
  5. The transition path in the garden is very close to the basement transition path. That should be spread out.
  6. Some sequences do not bring up the story screen like they should (slime transformation finishing).
  7. The teleportation effect is far too jarring. Probably needs a screen overlay or something to soften the blow.
  8. The printed directions (“Sanya goes east”) don’t line up with how they should on the actual radar except by coincidence.
  9. You can still move around on the map even if you don’t have enough stamina to run from a monster. Your character’s position will not change, but the camera’s will.
  10. There are a number of obvious visual errors in the mansion’s geometry. Those will be fixed over time as I refine the rooms, no need to report them.
  11. Sometimes a human pushed into the Silver Mirror will not display their Rilmani TF sprites in the 3D space.

Boring Patch Notes

Here’s the patch notes for 1.20a.

  1. Fixed the bug where it was possible for two humans to open the same container during the same tick, resulting in one of them “opens the container, revealing nothing at all!”.
  2. Fixed a possible crash related to opening a container, wherein the same object was being deallocated twice.
  3. The health/will potion notification should no longer display if the player can’t see the target.
  4. Removed some debug text associated with pixies.
  5. Rolling the highest possible attack (9) is guaranteed to land a hit, even if the target’s defense is so high it’d otherwise miss. This should prevent some enemies (slimes) from being totally unable to hit a max-defense human. It also means a bare-handed human now has a (slim) chance of winning a fight!