Development Update: November 21st, 2016

Welcome to the New Site

This is the first update on the game using a wordpress site. Are your eyes bleeding? If they are, you should probably tell me in the comments, because I am not a great artist here.

Where’s the Downloads?

Here. The downloads page will always be updated with the latest version of the game, in case you’re too impatient to scroll through the blather.

Posting Schedule

My goal is to post the week’s progress report every Monday, but since I’m not getting paid, I might miss certain days or be late by a bit. You’ll just have to bite the bullet and wait patiently for things.

What’s new this week?

It’s been quite a while since the last update, but I’m keeping something very big up my sleeve. You’ll probably be privy to it in a week, or so. I’m working many hours every day to keep development on track, so I’m certainly not slacking.

On the art front, Rune has completed some of the Enhanced character designs. I’ll pass along the necessary WordPress codes later today and we should hopefully see dedicated Art posts periodically. Or not. It’s not my call, and I’m not mandating an art update schedule.

Don’t expect to see everything the minute it’s complete, we want to keep some things in reserve to build hype for the next version.

As for the things I actually can tell you about, a few bugs were fixed last week which apply to Classic mode. These were related to two entities opening a container during the same tick, and a possible crash related to a double-deallocation caused by same.