Game Art… and an Introduction!

(Posted by Rune MFB)

Hi everyone!  For those of you who don’t know who I am, which I gather to be most of you, the name is Rune MFB.  Or Chibi RoggianX.  I go by either.  But why would I have two names?  It’s rather simple, really.  One is the username I use for any 18+ forums and the other is my artist name.

Now, as a quick introduction of who I am: I’m just a college student who can draw.  I also happen to like monster girls and transformations.  So really, working on this game is rather perfect.  And, for the record, I’m not doing this to get paid, which I’m not, but because I want to work on this game.  But that also means that time may not always be on my side.  So I apologize if there are times when I’m not progressing as much on the art front.

Anyways, enough talking!  You guys are here to see some of what I’ve done for the game, right?  Well, here you go:

Pandemonium Characters, drawn by Chibi RoggianX (Rune MFB)

Recognize them?  I hope you do.  Now, I’ve taken some liberty in how some of the characters looked originally.  And I’ve also done my best in trying to inject some more personality into them as well.  As such, I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts!  Oh, and if you guys want the full size, click here…

Now then, my drawings are -not- going to be injected into the game just yet.  Me and Salty have agreed that it would be best until there is a substantial amount of new drawings for the “enhanced mode”.

In this case, substantial means four monster races, two of which are from the original House of Pandemonium and the other two are new, or at least new to HoP.  And just to avoid possible confusion, this means that each of the characters will be drawn as each of the monster races, along with good old transformation scenes and a generic NPC of each monster race.

Now, I can’t give an exact date on when this will be done but, from my own estimates, I see the drawings being done by the end of January.  I know that’s close to two months away still but, as I said earlier, time may not always be available.

Anyways, I look forward to drawing more for you guys.  I’ll try and post weekly like Salty does so you guys at least know what’s going on with the art front and that hopefully at least some progress is being made.

Until next time~

2 thoughts on “Game Art… and an Introduction!

  1. Looks very nice, but im kinda missing some pointy ears sticking out from unde Talia’s hair. The basic point behind her background is after all that she is an elven princess.


    1. I won’t lie… I honestly forgot about that. I forgot she was an elven princess and, having only glanced at the hair when I was looking at Talia’s original 3DCG portrait, I ended up missing the ears.

      I’ll fix that. Leaving out the ears was not intentional and I certainly wouldn’t want to leave out elven ears. Thanks for pointing it out!


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