HoP:Remastered 1.40b Release

A smaller update than usual this week, as I’ve been killing myself working on… paid work. This release is a bugfix/ease-of-use improvement, fixing the bugs that were mentioned on the forums.

You can get it by clicking here or going to the downloads page, as usual.

Other Stuff

  • Rune has an upcoming art post featuring a new enemy design and an old enemy design. That should be up as soon as college leaves the poor dear alone.
  • I will be putting up a link, for those who might be interested, to the Steam Greenlight page for my paid project. It’s not an H-Game, but support is still appreciated. Who knows, you might even like it.
  • Next week will include some more improvements to the mansion, and I intend to start work on the basic logic behind Corruptor Mode sometime this week. It might not be ready for a release next week, no promises.
  • My Mac-Mini is on its way, so there way me a Mac release sometime this month!

Boring Patch Notes

  1. Added a “Skip Turn” button near the console, and moved the hide-console button over. Skip that turn in style! (Suggested by zerocatch22)
  2. Fixed the bug where a very high movement factor would sometimes cause the player to clip through stairwell geometry. (Thanks, zigzagjacker!)
  3. Harpy TF will now correctly relocate the player’s viewpoint. (Thanks, Sairus323!)
  4. Rusalka Thralls also correctly relocate the player’s viewpoint when transporting victims. (Thanks, Sairus323! (again!))