Corrupter Guide and Other Stuff

Salty here. I’ve created a guide to Corrupter Mode. It details some of the new features and indicates what features you can expect in the coming versions.

A fix for OSX was released yesterday but I have yet to hear back from any Mac users. Does the patch work or not? Please let me know in the comments or on the TFGS forums.

I’m surprised that we got such a nice turnout on the poll at over 150 respondents out of 1150 downloads. That’s a 13% turnout, which isn’t bad all things considered. If you haven’t filled it out yet, you should.

I’ll be creating a post later on discussing some of the results and what it means for the future of Pandemonium. I would like to mention that Cow is not on the favourite monster list for a reason: I’m using that list to gauge which monster I should code into Corrupter Mode next, and Cow doesn’t make sense in that context. Fairy was also missing from the list, which is my mistake, but I’ll consider Fairy and Pixie to be the same monster for my purposes.