HoP:Remastered 1.60a Release and Survey Request!

Salty here. Before you do anything else, please fill out this survey. Version 1.00a got over 2000 downloads over its lifetime, but only a few responses on the forums. If you would like to help steer this project’s course, this survey is a great way to do so and will only take a minute to fill out.

Update for OSX Users

I researched the framework issue and have upload this patch to attempt to fix the problem. Use the new executable from the patch, and place the osxbin/ folder in the same folder as the executable. If this causes an error, please copy the console contents and send me the report ASAP. If it works, doubly let me know!

Update 1.60a


This is a big update, as all the work I had done before and after the holidays is now on display. Let’s go through them one at a time, shall we?

If you’re impatient, you can find it on the downloads page, or from this link. (Link fixed, thanks SammiLogan!)

Corrupter Mode

Corrupter Mode allows you to play as a monster from the first turn. You begin in disguise and must subvert the humans through stealth or through more overt means.

This is the first release of Corrupter Mode, but it’s still largely incomplete. You can play it start to finish, but you can only play an imp, most of the spells don’t work, and nothing is even remotely balanced. The disguise system is partially implemented (you have to directly assault a human for them to suspect you) and the noise system is not (when it is, humans will track you down if you do something noisy – like generating the MP you need…). Consider this an alpha release and just have fun with your stupidly overpowered 12-damage-per-turn imp.

This guide gives a brief overview on Corrupter Mode and how to play it. Not all of the features on the page are implemented, but they will be eventually.

Mac Release

The .zip file now contains a mac version of the executable (presently using the SDL libraries, Allegro version is in the pipeline). However, this is literally the first time I’ve ever packaged something for Mac. I probably did something wrong without knowing it, so bug reports are appreciated. If you’re going to post one, please specify your OS version and provide any graphics driver information you can.

Update: Please download this patch and let me know if it works on the forums or in the comments section!

UI Overhaul

As you can see from the image above, I’ve redone the UI in 2D mode. It now uses a much darker palette, white text on black, bitmap fonts as opposed to TTF fonts (bitmap fonts render considerably faster and for less system resources), and I’ve also added damage animations and map-icon animations. You will now see your character’s icon move around on the map, and those of other humans/monsters moving around, and you will see animated damage indicators (or miss/resist indicators) during combat. This is a new feature, so there are probably some errors.

In addition, sound effects have been added. The credits are in Data/Audio/Credits.txt if you’re curious as to who made them. All the sound effects were taken from OpenGameArt.org and are under open licenses. They are by no means finalized, and more will likely be added in the future.

More 3D Mansion Real Estate

Several new rooms on the upper floor have been added to 3D mode. (Click to enlarge).

The exterior and roof of the mansion are still largely incomplete, and the eastern and central parts of the upper floor are still incomplete.


If you filled out the survey (here’s another link, really, fill it out!) then you can see that I asked about a Patreon. While Rune is a hobbyist who is completely happy working for free, I would like to speed up development and also expand the project’s scope. However, most of the artists I know won’t work for free, and I’m also the kind of person who thinks that the amount of time I put into this project might possibly be worth some remuneration (selfish, I know). Therefore, I’ve been discussing creating a Patreon with the team. While receptive, we’re not sure how much support we can expect from our valued players.

I also have absolutely no idea what to provide for patron rewards. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Boring Patch Notes

  1. Added the western half of the mansion’s upper floor in 3D mode.
  2. Actors will now animate in 2D mode, moving between rooms and fading out if they exit your line of sight. This behavior can be turned off via the “Actors Animate Move” flag in global options.
  3. Added some sound effects to make the game less unnervingly quiet.
  4. Added damage animations. These can be toggled off with the “Show Damage Animations” flag in global options.
  5. Added map underlays to the 2D modes. The world now looks prettier! You can shut them off with the “Show2DUnderlays” flag.
  6. Gave the game a spiffy new UI. Black and gold, more usage of bitmap fonts (which render considerably faster and have better shadows).
  7. Gave the game a spiffy new icon. Approximately 15.7% more spiffy than the previous icon, which was fairly spiffy!
  8. Fixed a crash where the player was present, in 2D mode, when an AI opened a container and tried to print to the 3D level.
  9. Fixed a bug that caused rooms in 2D mode to not grey out when not visible.
  10. In all modes, a confounded human will receive a base -10 to their defense rolls. Physical attacks are thus extremely likely to connect.
  11. Fixed a bug where the player could move to another room while already moving by clicking the radar. (Thanks, Sairus323!)
  12. Fixed a bug where subdivided console lines would not inherit the color of the source line.
  13. Added Lua Tarballing, which speeds up program execution speed.
  14. Player-controlled harpies were doing insane amounts of willpower damage. That was fixed.
  15. Optimized the font code so it renders faster in the console.
  16. Optimized the 3D loading code so it no longer loads the lightmaps its not going to render.
  17. Cows would get their AI stuck on neutral entities like the Golem Tube and the Harpy Nest. They will now ignore those entities.
  18. Humans who get polymorphed outside of the player’s sight will now correctly show their polymorphed portrait when examined. (Thanks, several people!)
  19. Fixed a font-deallocation error in the Zone Editor, and a double-deallocation error on program exit.
  20. Fixed some 3D geometry issues.

Known Bugs

3D portraits are still often misaligned. It’s really not a high priority for me, just look at all the stuff I got done!


As always, you can discuss the project in depth on the TFGS forums.


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  1. I don’t know if this is the proper place to post this but the
    1.60a Release for Mac, Unable to open to the SDL – Mac. The computer claims that is damage and wants to move it to the trash.
    Currently Running OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6


    1. Someone else reported this as well, it’s a mistake on my part. I’m looking into how to deploy frameworks with the release, and I’ll post a patch when I figure it out.


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