HoP: Remastered 1.80a Release

Updated below for users unable to get 2D mode and/or 3D mode running on old machines with integrated Intel graphics chips.

Salty here. I’ve made a post discussing the poll results from last week, so go read that because otherwise these posts would get too long.

This week, we have the introduction of difficulty levels, important progress on Corrupter Mode, and many small fixes. Hopefully, that blasted Cow Collar bug has been fixed.

Download Links

Windows users can download this. I’m also providing two different Mac distributions, one using bundles and one using good old raw code, for POWER USERS.

Update: If you’re running the program on an old Windows machine using an Intel-integrated graphics chip, you may have had crashes in 2D or 3D mode, for different reasons.

For 3D mode, please download this patch. This should allow the program to run without crashing, though I can’t guarantee it will run fast or that it will not have graphical errors. Most developers would simply mandate the game not run, but not me!

In 2D mode, the fix is to turn off background underlays in the global options menu:


This is only the case for machines where the maximum texture size is 2048 or lower, which means old laptops from 2009.

For Mac Users

While I worked at it for a day or two, and had some help, I was unable to fix up the program to run on El Capitan (OSX 10.11.00) or lower. The current version requires Sierra (OSX 10.12.00) at least. I will keep working with my apple-ssociate and try to figure out the problem – probably going to need to download old XCode SDKs and put something together.

If any users of El Capitan can get it running anyway, I’d be most interested in hearing just how you did it. Sometimes running it through a terminal works, but not always (?).

Difficulty Levels

Some people on the poll and the forums mentioned that the game opens too slowly. You have to wait several turns for enough monsters to spawn in. Thus, I fixed this with the introduction of difficulty levels. Now, you can get overrun in 100 turns or less!

The difficulty levels increase linearly, with what you’ve been playing up until now being the same as Normal difficulty. The character select menu now has a difficulty option.

Ultra Violence is a special level. More monsters spawn, but only chainsaws spawn for the humans to use. Find some meat!

On Nightmare, enemies spawn every ~11 turns as opposed to the usual 30-35 turns, and more spawn. More items also spawn as if to compensate. Good luck!

Corrupter Mode

I’ve completed most of the scaffolding for Corrupter Mode. You can now play as all the normal monster species except Cow. All monster transformations are available (they are in the Corrupter Menu under the Transform tab) from any form. If you are using one of the transformations that requires a game object (Rilmani, Golem, Harpy) then activating that transformation for the first time will place the object in the room with you.

The only monster species that has unique spells is the Imp, which has Dark Wave, Drain Mana, and can sabotage will potions to damage the willpower of whoever tries to drink them. If a human loses all their WP from a potion of corruption, they will become your thrall instantly!

Other monsters species will be getting unique spells over the coming weeks as I finish the mode up. I also have not finished the noise system yet, and glyphs are not quite finished. This mode is still in alpha.

Boring Patch Notes

General Changes


  1. Put in a memory aggregator which should hopefully fix all the cow collar issues.
  2. Fixed fonts not loading due to internal texture limits.
  3. Humans polymorphed into fairies should now ignore the player when the player is confounded (0 WP) instead of beating them senseless-er.
  4. The Entities Pane will now dynamically resize text when a human has a slime infection to make sure you can see how many turns they have left. It doesn’t
    look good for some very long weapon names, but at least its legible.


  1. Added option to use a smaller font for the console.
  2. The 2D backing maps have been updated with the new upper floor geometry.

Changes to Classic Mode


  1. Added difficulty modes to tune how fast you lose the game. The toughest is Nightmare, while Ultra Violence can provide some good monster-busting fun. Difficulty modes apply to Classic 3D Mode as well.

Changes to 3D Mode


  1. Fixed up the geometry when moving between the Dining Hall and adjacent rooms.
  2. Fixed the upper floor’s geometry being visible from the northern gardens.


  1. Most of the primary geometry is complete for the mansion!


  1. Changed the fonts and some rendering positions for the UI.
  2. Fixed some of the portrait offsets for the visual interface.

Changes to Corrupter Mode


  1. Fixed the player reviving at low HP in Corrupter Mode.
  2. Fixed some highlighting issues on the Minions menu.
  3. Magic spells you can’t afford will now render red on the magic tab.
  4. You will no longer build suspicion on someone you already transformed (had no gameplay impact, but was kinda funny).
  5. You can no longer click through the corrupter menu to hit the navigation buttons underneath it.
  6. Fixed a bug that let you unlock perks more times than the maximum.


  1. Added the Transform tab to the Corrupter Menu. This allows you to select which monster you will transform a human into.
  2. Added all the standard transformations, and an extra Thrall transformation.
  3. Added the Heal spell. Can be cast on friendly monsters (click them as usual), or yourself (through the Corrupter Menu). Monsters at full HP/WP
    cannot be healed, obviously.
  4. Added the Channel spell. Allows you to draw in MP, but disables you for 3 turns and produces a lot of suspicion.
  5. Added the Deconstruct spell, which destroys items and returns MP to you. Minorly suspicious, makes no noise.
  6. Added the Incubate spell, which does the same thing as a harpy singing at their egg.
    Imps now have an improved Dark Wave attack, which consumes MP but never misses and does more damage.
  7. Imps can now siphon MP from a human, which causes a bit of suspicion.
  8. Imps can summon a potion of corruption, or trap a willpower potion. Potions of Corruption sap willpower from their victim, and are disguised so the humans
    will not know the difference. Subtle!
  9. You can now play as all of the monster species (except Cow, obviously).


  1. The Magic tab will now display a spell as being “Free” as opposed to costing 0 MP.
  2. Many of the transformation descriptions have been modified or updated to match Corrupter Mode.
  3. Transforming a human is now an extremely suspicious action (duh).
  4. Added SFX to the Corrupter Menu.
  5. You can right-click a perk to quickly unlock it.
  6. Unified the Corrupter Menu’s UI.

Known Bugs

  1. A lot of improvements from 2D mode have not been put into 3D mode yet. I’m focusing on Corrupter Mode for the moment, they’ll make it in eventually.
  2. There are still oodles of texture misalignments in 3D mode. It’s on the to-do list.
  3. Glyphs in Corrupter Mode can still be stacked.
  4. Glyphs in Corrupter Mode cannot be harvested yet.
  5. Nothing in Corrupter Mode is even remotely balanced.
  6. Noise is still not implemented.
  7. The only Corrupter Mode species with unique spells is the Imp.
  8. Some of the monster icons in Corrupter Mode are incorrect.

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