Development Update: January 23rd, 2017

Salty here. A brief notice this week.

I’ve completed the planned improvements to Corrupter Mode. All the species now have a set of unique spells, though I’m not happy with the Golem’s abilities yet. They’re all going to need balance tweaks to make sure they’re all viable and fun to use.

I have a bunch of work I want to do on 3D mode’s UI, namely dealing with the way entities are arranged in 3D space around the player as you enter new rooms and adding damage animations to 3D mode. I’ve also been meaning to replace the weapon sprites with stock images so they don’t all look like the same weapon.

The reason I’m not doing a release this week is that there’s not quite enough to justify it, especially because we’re launching the Patreon next week. That means that v2.0 will launch along with a plea for you to fund development of Adventure Mode.

I’ve been speaking to artists, spriters, and musicians about the job. In addition to Rune, I’ve got two other characters artists, a spriter, and a musician lined up – assuming Patreon gets the money to pay them. We’ll be having a team meeting this week to figure out development targets, our art pipeline, style guides, and so on.

For Adventure Mode, I’ve completed most of my technical documents and have my story documents down. I’m doing the writing pretty much myself, in addition to the coding, scripting, and mapping. The combat engine is something I’m really proud of, meant to be deep and engaging without bogging the player down. Come for the monster girls, stay for the combat!

I might do a post later this week showing some of the sample art I had the artists do, or I might just wait for the Patreon and show it all then. I haven’t decided quite yet. I’ve also been looking at other Patreons to see what drove their success. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but I think I can deliver on the quality front and I’m hoping you, the public, will support a quality production.

Next week, 2.0a ships and we launch the Patreon. Until next time.

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