HoP:Remastered 2.00a And Patreon!

Salty here, we finally have version 2.00 ready for public consumption! You can click right here to head to the downloads page to get it, or get it below.

Windows (Mediafire)

OSX 10.12 Sierra (Bundled, Raw)

This week we’re also launching a sincere plea to fund development of Adventure Mode. That’s why I’m also launching a Patreon! Support the project!

All of the tier information on the Patreon will provide you extra goodies, like access to concept art, early builds, wallpapers, and the ability to vote on what content you want to see next.

Development is funded entirely by contributions. If the Patreon does well, I’ll be able to bring in more artists to help speed things up, and provide financial incentives to the current ones to really get their noses to the grindstone.

In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing some “Meet the Team” posts, with a bit of biography, links, and some sample art they made in anticipation of the project. For now, check out one of our new concept sketches for Sanya, created by design artists Chickenwhite and Rune.


If you can’t support the project due to monetary constraints and/or you live in a dystopic cyberpunk future where supporting the arts is outlawed, tell your friends/corporate overlords! I’ll be doing the rounds on some of major forums where these sorts of games are popular, but every contribution helps.

Thanks for supporting Pandemonium through a full year, and here’s hoping that Adventure Mode is every bit as great as we all want it to be!

Boring Changelog

General Changes

  1. Fixed a crash where the entities pane was trying to reference the length of a string that didn’t exist. (Thanks, caeserofgaming!)
  2. Fixed the Darkslave mana trap not providing MP correctly. (Thanks, zigzagjacker and Sairus323!)
  3. Fixed some spells not actually subtracting MP because I was an idiot and left a debug flag on. (Thanks, zigzagjacker!)
  4. Fixed an error where traps were sometimes not detonating if the player was not there to witness it.
  5. Summoning minions now produces some noise.
  6. Removed Worthless Remedy from the consumables spawn list.
  7. Fixed a lua bug where humans changed their names by transforming into podlings.
  8. Added damage animations to 3D mode.
  9. Added a damage overlay to 3D mode, indicating when the player is struck.
  10. Fixed some of the portrait misalignments using the small UI in 3D mode.
  11. Modified 3D mode to have entities retain their position when other entities leave the room. New entities will fill in empty slots.
    There is currently a problem wherein more than 13 entities occupy a room at once leaving some invisible. I’ll think of something…
    This system may have bugs, so bug reports are appreciated.
  12. *Hopefully* fixed the black-characters bug on old graphics cards. Hopefully.
  13. Made Pixie’s Fairy Ring spell cheaper, and decreased the damage that polymorphed fairies deal. The effect also lasts 5-10 turns longer.
  14. Made polymorphed fairies have a special sequence when being transformed into full fairies (Thanks, Sairus323!)
  15. Fixed a display bug during the Fairy Ring sequence that caused AIs to not consume their turn when putting one on.

Corrupter Mode Additions

  1. Added Potion of Weakness to the Fairy’s spells. It is disguised as a health potion and causes humans to take damage when they drink it.
  2. Added Potion of Confusion to the Fariy’s spells. Same as potion of weakness, but saps WP and works on will potions.
  3. Added Worthless Remedy to the Fairy’s spells. Sabotages a remedy so it doesn’t actually do anything except waste a human’s turn and make them desperate.
  4. Added Sapper Runes to the Fairy’s spells. These are traps you can deploy that do a bit of HP damage and a lot of stamina damage when a human sets them off.
  5. Added Firecracker Trap to the Fairy’s spells, allowing you to trap containers and wound humans that open them.
  6. Added Quicksand Runes to the Fairy’s spells. Quicksand Runes zero the stamina of any human who sets one off, making them easier to catch.
  7. Added Regenerate to the Slime’s spells. Restores 1HP per turn for 10 turns, stacks with Remolded Flesh.
  8. Added Harden, Hasten, and Sharpen to the Slime’s spells. These permanently increase your combat stats, but only one can be used at a time. These stack with perks and are cheap.
  9. Added Dissociate to the Slime’s spells. This makes you unhittable by physical attacks for 6 turns. Nifty!
  10. Added Slime Potion to the Slime’s spells. Converts a health/will potion into one that will induce a slime infection when a sucker drinks it.
  11. Added Sap to the Harpy’s spells. It reduces the damage output of all humans in the same room with you. Good for group combat and protecting your minions.
  12. Added Confound to the Harpy’s spells. Hits a human for willpower damage and reduces their accuracy for 1 turn.
  13. Added Vocal Blast to the Harpy’s spells. Hits every human in the room for a lot of damage, but has a 10 turn cooldown.
  14. Added Lithe Body to the Harpy’s spells. Buffs dodge and accuracy by 2 for 10 turns.
    Added Dark Whisper to the Rusalka’s spells. Works the same as in Classic Mode, but now costs MP, can be cast more quickly, and is more effective due to perks.
  15. Added Enslave to the Rusalka’s spells. Allows you to transform someone who was enthralled by Dark Whisper.
  16. Added Clouded Judgement to the Rusalka’s spells. Decreases all human accuracy by 2 for 50 turns!
  17. Added Clone to the Podling’s spells. We are raising an army!
  18. Added Create Pod to the Podling’s spell. More, MORE!
  19. Added Burst Pod to the Podling’s spells. Destroys a pod created with Create Pod and damages nearby humans for 12 points. The pod is destroyed in the process.
  20. Added Repair to the Golem’s spells. Heals all monsters in the mansion for 3HP/3WP.
  21. Added Combat Routines to the Golem’s spells. Buffs all combat stats by 1 for 10 turns.

Known Bugs and Such

  1. The Golem spells are lackluster in Corrupter Mode. Suggestions are welcome for improvements, as I want each of the monster species to play somewhat differently.
  2. There may or may not be a problem with Rusalkas in Corrupter Mode, I was unable to reproduce the Dark Whisper bug and may have fixed it during normal coding. Reports welcome.
  3. If there are no serious bugs in Corrupter Mode, it will be receiving a 3D mode just like Classic Mode soon.

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