Pandemonium Adventure Release 20170403 Release!

Comrades, head over to the downloads page to get this release! Or just click here (Windows) (Mac)!

Right, before we go any further, here are the objectives of this release:

  • Balance feedback. I need to know what you think of the combat. Is it too difficult? Were you able to understand how it works? Does it take too long? Are the XP rewards too low relative to the benefits of levelling up?
  • Writing feedback. Do the cutscenes feel natural and make sense? Does the conversation topic system (Only Rochea has one right now. Talk to her again after being transformed into an Alraune) make sense and feel natural?
  • Artistic feedback. Bear in mind that most of the art in this version is placeholders. The Alraune, Bee, Cultist, and Slime are the finalized copies, but everything else is pending. Do you like this style? How can it be improved?
  • Map design feedback. Do the map layouts make sense? Do they funnel you in the right or wrong direction? Too many enemies, too few?
    Currently, a lot of the maps are in placeholder states. Trannadar Trading Post is currently not implemented, and Breanne’s Pit Stop has a placeholder NPC.
  • UI feedback. The UI is a placeholder at the moment, but do you like the layout?
  • Bugs. If you see a bug, report it!

All feedback should be put on the TFGS forums if possible. You can also use the comments here or on the patreon and I will see it.

Known Bugs

Currently, the SDL version cannot read file paths for saves. This is due to a bug in Boost and I need to completely replace Boost for the SDL version. This also applies to the Mac version (since it uses SDL). The Pandemonium.exe on windows does not have this issue.

Maps that have incomplete exits will have black borders on their edges to prevent you from walking out of the map. You know, in case you were wondering what those were.

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