Development Update: May 2nd, 2017

Salty here. This week we’ve been plugging along as usual. Pretty much all of the engine work I needed is done, with a few bugs and tweaks left to be sorted out. Most of the outdoor world for Chapter 1 has been completed, though there are a few spots on the edges of the map that block progress until Chapter 6 that haven’t been finished yet.

I’ve started on the cutscenes and dialogue, working my way through Trannadar up to the Pit Stop and Outland Farm. Once all of those are done, I’ll be working on the “dungeon” of the first chapter, and then Chapter 1 is pretty much good to go.

On the art front, Rune has time between finals (finally) to do some coloring work. Chicken has finished all of the base character designs for the first chapter and has started work on dialogue portraits and Mei’s alternate forms. Hund has been reassigned to color the dialogue portraits to ease the burden on Rune, while Urimas has only a few more sprite sheets to go before he’s done the chapter 1 requirements.

If everything goes well, there will probably be another prototype released towards the end of May. This is not a guarantee, I don’t know if the artists will be able to keep up, but the scenario should be complete by then.

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