Pandemonium v1.03 Released

Today, we have a bugfix release. Click here to get it, or check out the downloads page.

There may or may not be another round of bugfixes next week, depending on if there are any bugs remaining in 1.03. Otherwise, it’s straight onto development of the next chapter.

Speaking of, Chickenwhite is currently finishing up the character redesign work. I will be releasing that as soon as it’s done. We will be doing a Patron Poll next Monday to vote on the next chapter. 5/10 dollar patrons get to vote, so if you’re considering it, this is your last chance as Patreon will begin charging on November 1st.

Huge thanks to all the forumcreatures who posted bug reports and suggestions. A full changelog is below the break.

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Adventure Mode v1.03 Changelog

  • *Fixed defeated enemies not respawning when exiting to title and starting a new game or loading a different file. (Thanks, Kyril!)
  • Fixed a bug where the player could get stuck in the Quantir Mansion’s entrance after reliving the Ghost TF. (Thanks, Klaysee!)
  • Fixed crashing in Corrupter Mode when summoning a minion on OSX. (Thanks, Kyril!)
  • Fixed a tile edging error in the underground lake. (Thanks DJunk!)
  • Added FMOD Library support for users who get a hang on booting the audio system.
  • Fixed allowing decisions to go harmlessly below 0. (Thanks, Kyril!)
  • Fixed a few console debug writes that shouldn’t be there (Thanks, several people!)
  • Fixed incorrect dialogue displaying when talking to Karina and Mei is not a bee.
  • Fixed character names not appearing on the Status Menu.
  • Changed some of Aquillia’s dialogue. (Suggested by Terafreak)
  • You can now use the arrow keys to navigate menus, as well as PageUp and PageDown. Enter selects options. Mousewheel can move on the Adventure File Select. (Suggested by Terafreak)
  • Enemies should no longer be able to pursue when the level is fading out during a transition. (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Topics should now correctly reset when quitting to the title screen. (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Fixed spawning in the wrong location during some map transitions. (Thanks, several people!)
  • Fixed not unlocking the Magic Field topic when talking to the Alraune at the Pit Stop. (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • “Very Resistant” will now render in cyan instead of purple to make it easier to read. (Suggested by Hunter4242)
  • Fixed farm indicators not spawning correctly when leaving Adina’s salt flats and returning. (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Mei’s name should now be… corrected… during the ghost TF. (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Fixed being able to relive the slime TF without actually having the slime TF.
  • Fixed Florentina spawning a body-double due to an unset flag when Reliving some sequences. (Thanks, Firagadam!)
  • Florentina now reacts correctly if she’s met the smarty-slimes and Mei becomes a slime afterwards.
  • Made intelligent slimes come in Blue and Green flavours to make them easier to tell apart.
  • Volume settings are now stored in the Adventure Mode savefile. They will be set when you load the file. Note that they reset if you exit to the title screen. (Suggested by Hunter4242)
  • Fixed a colon error in the Defeat by Cultists scene.