And The Results Are In

All right, we put up the info and the Patrons have voted. Now we know what we’re going to be working on for the next few months. Let’s get to the results.


God damn it.

So we somehow wound up with a tie for first place. I then proceeded to do what every project lead does when there’s a tie and flip a coin. It was tails. Christine wins. Congratulations, Christine.

The next chapter of Pandemonium: The Adventure will be Chapter 5!


What the hell is wrong with you people?

Why can’t you just give me a straight answer here? Why does everything have to be a tie? So I flipped another coin. Goat wins. Sanya’s beloved pet is Zeke the Goat.


Okay, so here we got a straight answer. When Chapter 2 begins development, Raptor and Snow Bunny girl will definitely be on the list, with Penguin as a ‘possible’ if we have spare time.


Diving Spiders really stole the lead on Chapter 3. It’s a very big chapter, so I don’t know how many extra monsters will make it in. I’ll leave it to Chicken’s discretion if we have spare time.


No surprise here, Lamia swept this one. I was kind of surprised to see Fennec Fox take second though.

And, well, you know.


So, looks like Dark Matter Girl and Eldritch Dream Girl are a 100% lock. I think Steam Droid will make it in as well, as Chapter 5 had the fewest required monsters. Unagi may or may not, as they perform the same role as the Raiju does, but it sure would be cool to have some swimming through coolant tanks or something.

So, development of Chapter 5 begins immediately. I will be sending off assignments to the artists post-haste and will be getting to work on the mapping and scriptwork ASAP.