Development Update: November 20th, 2017

Not much to say this week. As you might expect, starting out a new chapter means you’re short on things to show off.

Urimas has completed the initial spritework for Chris and Christine, as well as getting me a lot of tiles I’ll be needing for the Cryogenics Facility. Chicken has got us a concept out for one of the enemies and Hund is inking stuff. I’ve mapped out most of the first part of Chapter 5 but haven’t put it together or started all the scripting work.

3 thoughts on “Development Update: November 20th, 2017

  1. The latest version is 1.03 correct? I’ve been having a little trouble I’m supposed to go looking for runes in the building where I started but I can find none is that yet to be added?


    1. Yes, 1.03 is the current version. You might want to check out the second floor of the Dimensional Trap. Maybe check the side rooms and examine the more exotic looking objects.


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