Development Update: December 18th, 2017

So, yes, it’s mid-December and that means The Holidays are upon us. There probably won’t be an update next week because

Well, this week I’ve done work on the big distinction between Chapter 5 and the other chapters: Other modes of play. See, Chapter 1 did all the heavy lifting for Pandemonium. It introduced the setting, characters, conflict, and mechanics of the game. I could probably make all the other chapters using just those elements and produce a good game. You’d play it.

But since I’m not a hack, Chapter 5 has major differences. There is a much slower section where the focus of the gameplay shifts a great deal. In short, there are minigames. Three of them. There are also repeatable subquests and sort-of minigames such as Raiju Roundup.

The first two minigames are actually already completed, or rather, their baseline is completed and I need to polish them up and make levels for the ones that need them. The third minigame will be in development in what spare time I can find this week.

So what are the minigames? Well I won’t be releasing that information quite yet. In January, Patrons will find out. The rest of you will have to wait until the public releases come out.

In other news, development is still going on. I have completed the frame for the second area of the chapter and will be stitching things together once I’m done the minigame work. I’ve also sent off the scenario stuff to my editor so he can clean it up, because I loathe the first drafts of my own writing.

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