Development Update: March 19, 2018

One Week Remains

Yes, Prototype 5-1 will be coming out for Patrons next week. I’m trying to get all the little things in that I wanted, such as properly balancing the Equinox boss battles and putting in treasure to find instead of just enemies. I don’t know how much will get in, but I think there should be more than enough for the Patrons to test and report on.

Hund will be working on some damage-type attack indicators. Presently we have two, Attack and Debuff. I want one for each of the damage types (Slash, Pierce, Strike, Fire, Ice, Lightning, etc.) so you can tell at-a-glance what you’re getting hit with. These may or may not make it into 5-1. I’m also not sure if the map will, might have to use a simplified map.

New Feature: The Combat Inspector


I’ll get you next time, Combat!

The Combat Inspector was a feature requested by… I forgot who. Someone asked for the ability to see more detailed information in combat. This was back during chapter 1’s development, but I didn’t have time to get it in. Well, now it’s here.

The Inspector can be brought up by pressing F1 during your turn in combat. It lets you see enemy statistics and resistances, as well as what buffs/debuffs are currently affecting them and the threat rating for your party. It also shows the caps for the various effects and how long each effect will last.

It’s rather rough looking but it does its job. It actually didn’t take as long to implement as expected since it borrows 70% of its code from the Status menu.

Anyway, Patrons should get psyched about the prototype next week. I know I’ll be psyched for the long list of bug reports I’ll be getting…