Development Update: March 26th, 2018

Prototype 5-1 is now going out to Patrons

Yes that’s right, after four months of waiting, Prototype 5-1 is out. I killed myself getting it done, and the artists barely helped likewise put their all into it.

If you’re a patron, then head over to Patreon and check your inbox. We’ll be using a new system this time, with a static page that has prototype access as well as updates when patches are released, instead of me having to spam you.

If you’re not a patron, you should be, because then you’d be playing Prototype 5-1, genius. You’ll also be supporting the game’s development, of course.

In other news, there will be two polls in the next two weeks for 5$ patrons. The first one will be an opinion survey on Prototype 5-1, and the other one will be a “Settings” poll. I want to know if the patrons want more regular but rougher prototypes, less-frequent but nicer prototypes, and what I should be focusing on for the next prototype.

Patrons, bug reports go on the forums. Remember to put spoilers on plot stuff!