Development Update: June 4th, 2018

Programming and Design Stuff

So, we’re most of the way through the Tellurium Mines. My goal is to have that wrapped up this week, along with Serenity Crater. As is so often the case, we’ve expanded the area a little bit to make it better. It now features a mini-dungeon and some other surprises that I’m not going to spoil, in addition to having a large NPC town and randomly generated dungeon. And all this for an optional area!

I’ve also settled on the equipment upgrade system we’re going to be using. I spelled it out here but, in brief: Equipment can be socketed with items (tentatively called gems) which provide stat increases. Gems can be upgraded with adamantite. You can swap gems out of your equipment. Some equipment has more slots than others.

This system will not make it into Prototype 5-2, but I should have it done for Prototype 5-3.

Art Stuff

Chicken just got me the last piece of art mandated for Prototype 5-2. Everything after this point is a nice-to-have but isn’t on my list of required pieces.

Hund also just finished the runic animations, which Patrons will get to see next week.

Urimas is getting me some more tiles. Because that’s what he does.

Rune is doing character design work for Chapter 2. Izuna the Kitsune is looking good!

The New UI

I’ve been promised that all the remaining UI parts will be given to me this week. I’ve coded most of the UI in as I’ve received it so far. Once it’s done, I’ll be putting up some screenshots for all to enjoy.

Please note that none of the UI is considered finalized at this point, I often edit little bits to make them look better or fit the text better. I’m considering creating an entirely new font for the headers, for example, so take all things with a grain of pepper.

Prototype 5-2 Checklist

My current target for 5-2 is the end of June. I want to spend some extra time testing and balancing the prototype, hence why I’m allocating a month for it instead of two weeks. I could very well rush it out in two weeks, but then it’ll suck. So, nope.

  • Serenity Crater (Reviewing Balance)
  • Tellurium Mines (Mostly Done)
  • Text Adventure Subquest
  • Golem Transformation images (Done)
  • Latex Drone Transformation images (Done)
  • Enemies for Serenity Crater (Done)
  • All running animations completes (Done)
  • New UI Overhaul (4/5ths done!)
  • Eldritch Dream Girl Transformation (Text only, Complete)
  • Work Credits System implemented and balanced
  • Next balance pass of Chapter 5 (In Progress)
  • Darkmatter Girl Transformation (Complete)
  • Electrosprite Transformation (Text only, no images)
  • Steam Droid Transformation (In Progress)