Development Update: June 11, 2018

Text Adventure Mode is pushed back to Prototype 5-3

Yes, you read that right. I have decided to move the Text Adventure optional quest to Prototype 5-3. It will not be making an appearance in Prototype 5-2.

My reasoning for this goes thusly: I have about two weeks to finish everything for the prototype, maybe a few more days (I update on Mondays but I don’t have to release on them). I could rush this out, but I’d rather spent those two weeks polishing the game and improving it. It’s better to get all this polish and balance work done rather than release in a shoddy state but with more content.

For reference, this is due to A) the GUI and B) the increased length of the Tellurium Mines. Originally, the mines were just the randomly generated levels plus a small Steam Droid encampment where you could turn in quests and chat with NPCs. The Tellurium Mines is now a full-fledged side area, with a Steam Droid city, about a dozen cutscenes, a small dungeon, the random level generation, and new areas added around Regulus. It’s much better than before and really suits the story’s themes, but holy cow did the scope expand.

If I have spare time, I may try to squeeze the gemstone upgrade system into this prototype, but that depends on how long I spend on everything else. I have a few maps I need to finish and I have to write a few more scenes, as well as fix some bugs in the random level generator, but it’s mostly POLISH WORK.

If you are interested, please tell me what parts of Chapter 1 I should focus on.
I want to redo some of the older maps. Which maps did you think sucked the most? Those are the ones I’ll redo or expand.

Boring Update Stuff

As far as programming goes, see above. It’s mostly polish work from here on out. Because I changed how the program handles naming, I have to go back through Chapter 1 and fix various objects now showing up with improper names, such as (Thought: when reading the signs.

On the art front, everything I had mandated for Prototype 5-2 is in. Everything past this point is nice-to-haves. I’d really like to get Darkmatter and Steam Droid Christine images into this prototype if we have time. Chicken is on vacation until the 18th, meaning there’s juuuust enough time to get those out.

The new UI is artistically completed, and all I have to do is code it in.

On the spriting front, I am currently forcing Urimas to revamp some of the older tiles to make them look better. He just finished trees, and we’re doing boulders next.



As you can see, we’re mostly done. Just gotta balance these things and revisit old code to address bugs.

  • Serenity Crater (Reviewing Balance)
  • Tellurium Mines (Mostly Done)
  • Golem Transformation images (Done)
  • Latex Drone Transformation images (Done)
  • Enemies for Serenity Crater (Done)
  • All running animations completes (Done)
  • New UI Overhaul (Done, Implementing)
  • Eldritch Dream Girl Transformation (Complete)
  • Work Credits System implemented and balanced (In Progress)
  • Next balance pass of Chapter 5 (In Progress)
  • Darkmatter Girl Transformation (Complete)
  • Steam Droid Transformation (Complete)


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