Prototype 5-2 Released to Patrons, Pandemonium v1.05 Released to the Public

Update: Patch v1.05b is now out. Get it here. Saves are compatible between the two versions.

That’s right, it’s out. Months of freakin’ work and multiple 12-hour days of coding madness, and Prototype 5-2 is now available for the patrons.

If you’re a Patron, just head over to the link I sent you. The password is unchanged. There is a sort-of changelog available on that page.

If you’re a member of the general public and want to give v1.05 a whirl, head to the Downloads page, or click right here.

What’s new in v1.05

So, the first and most obvious thing is that the GUI has been completely overhauled, and it’s still incomplete. I have a lot of changes I want to make, from alignment shifts to border changes to making it animate slightly when you press keys… but it’s largely in the game and workable.

Combat has new animations and flows much more smoothly with the new UI. The combat balance has also been changed a great deal. Chapter 1 is now probably really easy.

Several areas have been revamped and expanded. This includes the starting dungeon, the Quantir mansion, and sections of the Evermoon forest.

Gem socketing and Gem cutting are now in the game, replacing the upgrade system. There is a gemcutter NPC in the southeast corner of the map (read Nadia’s signs to help find her) who can upgrade your gems and sells some of the basic types. You can socket gems from the equipment menu.

Because the upgrade system is gone, there’s now a lot more equipment to be found in many areas. There are also 5 new pieces of Mei-only equipment you can get, one for each of Mei’s monster forms. Some are easier to find than others, but each one has a monster form you must acquire in order to find it.

Some of the dialogue has been changed. There is a sliiiight expansion to the Quantir mansion storyline (it’s not huge, don’t fret).

What about Chapter 5?

Chapter 5 is now about 60% complete by my estimate. With the GUI and the Mines out of the way, it will probably be a few more months before the whole shebang is completed in scripts. Anyone’s guess in terms of the art, those slacker artists.

Can I get Prototype 5-2 to play Chapter 5?

Yes you can! First, go to the Patreon and pledge there. I will be putting a post up shortly detailing how to get Prototype 5-2.

Or, if you have more patience than money (I do, so I know the feeling), you can wait until July 26th, 2018. At that point, Prototype 5-2 becomes available to the public.

Are there any known bugs?

Tons. Some of the larger known bugs are alignment problems in combat and with the GUI. The SDL versions of the game do not correctly read keys when you’re entering names for your save game (I’m working on a fix, don’t worry), and the FMOD version sometimes repeats sound effects for no reason.

Also, some cutscenes have text that runs slightly off the bottom of the dialogue box. That will be fixed… someday.

Where can I discuss this if I have problems, and report bugs?

We have a discussion thread on TFGamesSite. I check it fairly often when I’m working and try to answer non-spoiler questions as best I can.

You can also leave comments on the Patreon page and I’ll get back to you when I can.