Development Update: July 9th, 2018

We are back to work, baby!

Yes that’s right, after spending about 8 days recovering, I am now able to resume work on Pandemonium. And let me tell you how much it sucked not being able to do that.

For those of you worried about me, I’ve overhauled the ergonomics of my desk, including getting support cushions and literally propping the entire workstation up on bricks because it turns out it was about half a foot too low. So I was hunched over all the time and that’s just terrible for you back.

Programming and Art

Say hello to the latest addition to the team, Koops. Koops will be helping Chickenwhite with design work, speeding up the process by producing sketchwork.

Koops is a volunteer but a talented artist who works very well with Chickenwhite. To maintain the game’s visual cohesion, Chickenwhite will be drawing finalized versions of design sketches made by Koops.


Here we see a Lord Golem with a dress designed by Koops. We’re still working on it (I personally think it’s just a little too on the nose) but this should give you an idea of what’s going to happen in Prototype 5-3.

On the programming front, I’m about halfway through the backlog from Prototype 5-2. The current plan is to clean up the outstanding bugs, release 5-2c, and then promote the game on various websites to try to drum up some more interest.

5$ Patron Steering Poll

If you’re a 5$ patron, you should head over to the Patreon and vote in the poll! It’s a pretty short poll to decide what I’m going to be focusing on for the next prototype and which features I ought to cut. The poll closes next week and I’ll write a wrapup post detailing the results.

If you’ve got any bug reports or suggestions from the 5-2 release, be sure to get them to me on the forums so I can get them cleaned up for 5-2c. Otherwise, back to work.

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