Pandemonium Prototype 5-2c Public Release, New Twitter, New Tumblr, Discord Chat!


Yep, we’re starting our promotional tour today. And what better way to start it than with the public release of Prototype 5-2c. You can get it here or swing by the downloads page.

If this is your first time playing the game, the following resources are here to help you out:

Patreon – Support the game, get access to prototypes early, and see bonus concept art every Monday.

Forums Link – Go here if you need help with something, you will get a reply fairly quickly here.

Discord Link – Pandemonium now has a Discord! Chat with other players or ask questions. You can get direct assistance from the developers here.

Tumblr – Concept art gets posted here periodically, as well as a lot of miserable puns.

Twitter – Handled by editor MarioneTTe. We mostly post crossposts to this.

Support Email: Pandemonium AT Starlightstudios DOT org – The entire team has this support email and we’ll mail you back at our earliest convenience.

Bear in mind we also update this blog with development reports every Monday!

Content Guide

I wrote up a content guide for what’s available as of Prototype 5-2c. If you missed anything, this guide will at least tell you it exists – but finding it is up to you.


Here’s the changelog from 5-2b to 5-2c. There are also most likely changes not recorded on this list.

  • Fixed the mysterious Caps Lock bug on the String Entry UI. (Thanks, Failbird105!)
  • Added the remaining standard ASCII characters (except ones not supported by the font) to the String Entry UI. (Suggested by Seris)
  • Bent Tools are now worth 6 reputation with the Steam Droids.
  • Fixed the %age indicators not showing up correctly in form descriptions. (Thanks, ZeroForever!)
  • Fixed Florentina’s skillbook for Defend not showing a description when checked in the skillbook menu. (Thanks, Seris!)
  • Fixed a section of the cliffs in Evermoon that didn’t correctly occlude the player. (Thanks, Seris!)
  • Realigned Mei’s Doctor Bag portraits. (Thanks, FoxGamer!)
  • Forest overlay should despawn correctly after a steamy scene with Adina.
  • Fixed Adina using the incorrect portrait during one scene with her. (Thanks, Seris!)
  • Mei’s eyes should remain whited during the adina hypnosis scene when running. (Thanks, FoxGamer!)
  • Fixed some miscellaneous layering issues in some other maps.
  • Added Z+X key command to the game’s starting control listing. (Suggested by Hidden)
  • Keyboard input when editing file notes should now work for the SDL releases.
  • Special floors on 30 and 40 of the Tellurium Mines should now activate without needing the debug console. (Thanks, TechnoMagus!)
  • Greatly reduced the density of enemy spawns in the Tellurium Mines. Floor 40 should be about as hard as Floor 20 was before.
  • The Shift key will play much nicer between on-screen input and keyboard presses.
  • Backspace key now refires when held down in the String Input UI.
  • Fixed map getting disabled after loading a save game in Chapter 1. (Thanks, FoxGamer!)
  • Fixed music volumes not being reset correctly when loading a saved game.
  • New Icon courtesy of Rune MFB!
  • Controls can now be rebound from the options menu.
  • Controls are now saved to the Saves/ folder and automatically reloaded when an AdventureMode game is loaded. (Suggested by – freakin’ everyone)
  • Florentina and Breanne will no longer mention forging, and will instead prompt Mei to buy a new sword instead. (Thanks, Seris!)
  • Mei will respond differently when asked to help the Alraunes if she hasn’t met Rochea yet. (Suggested by Seris)
  • Christine can now transform to the three incomplete forms. (Requested by Hidden)
  • Fixed a couple of spelling and grammatical mistakes. (Thanks, Seris!)
  • Fixed the green screen bug when losing the Serenity Crater event battle. (Thanks, Kasra247!)
  • There is now a save point at the chapter selection screen. (Suggested by ZeroForever)
  • Added combat ability icons to greatly improve the overall flow of ability selection in combat.
  • Added a mandatory vent-crawl to the start of the LRT facility to teach the player that it’s a possibility. (Suggested by Klaysee)
  • It should no longer be possible to “Relive” scenes in Chapter 5. (Thanks, Klaysee!)
  • Added an auto-hasten option so you don’t have to hold down the Z key to speed up dialogue. (Suggested by Kinuyasha)
  • Removed unnecessary turn order movement due to free actions.
  • Moved 55’s Algorithm changing abilities to the main ability list instead of a sublist.
  • Cleaned up all the text overruns in the combat ability descriptions. (Thanks, FoxGamer!)
  • Greatly toned down the overall damage of enemies in the Tellurium Mines.
  • Mei now correctly receives the Doctor Bag when skipping the introduction. (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Werecat TF woods now use the correct forest tiles.
  • Toned down the night overlay during the Werecat TF scene since the canopy overlay made it really hard to see. (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Fixed some text formatting during the zombee sequence. (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Loading the game during the SX-399/JX-101 sequence should now show the correct graphics for Christine.
  • Fixed the SX-399 bug where the finale sequence repeats after it should be concluded. (Thanks, TechnoMagus!)
  • Widened some of the horizontal doorways in the Cryogenics facility.
  • Updated display of Combat Inspector to the new GUI format.
  • State-switching abilities like Take Point and Line Formation will now directly cancel each other, rather than just applying counterbuffs.
  • 55’s Algorithm abilities now actually affect her statistics.
  • Changing 55’s Algorithms resets her Combat Routine cooldown. Stance Dancer!
  • Enemies who are passing their turns should no longer position incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the target info box was rendering offscreen.
  • Target info boxes for multiple targets will now try to avoid rendering over one another.
  • Speaking characters in dialogue will increase in size slightly to draw attention to them. (Suggested by Stinkehund)
  • Controls will now save whenever the dialogue is closed normally or the defaults button is used, and controls change when the game is opened.
  • Added the Ability Inspector to the status screen, allowing you to check your abilities when not in combat.
  • Retreating from a fight that would land you at Sprocket City will now take you to the outskirts so the cutscenes don’t get all silly. (Thanks, Technomagus!)
  • If the direct damage is enough to KO an enemy, debuffs and other effects will not animate since they just waste time. (Suggested by Kinuyasha)
  • Added extra crossbar generation to the RLG. Levels should be more open and have more paths available.
  • Added extra redundancy to the RLG so tiles don’t get cut off when placing exits.
  • Fixed there somehow being no collisions in the Trap Dungeon entrance. (Thanks, jjgallowson5!)
  • Added Memory Cursor option in combat. The game will remember the position of your last ability selection and reset it when possible. (Suggested by Chickenwhite)
  • Ambient Light Boost option will now be saved to savefiles.
  • Fixed 55 not receiving XP for the extra Sprocket City activities.
  • Fixed the weird audio looping bug for the FMOD version.
  • Massively reduced the tile flickering problem, by about 99%. Should be very rare now, and therefore not noticeable.
  • When using layered music tracks (in the first dungeon of the game), the combat victory music will now zero the volume of these tracks off. (Suggested by Chickenwhite)
  • Fixed a bug where a section of dialogue with SX-399 wasn’t showing. (Thanks, aaaac!)
  • Fixed the Arcanist Advisor books in the Dimensional Trap formatting strangely.
  • Fixed one of the signs in Trannadar displaying nothing.
  • Edited the text of one of the signs in Evermoon forest. (Thanks, MarioneTTe!)
  • Fixed some of the kerning for capital letters in the Oxygen-27 font.

Known Bugs

These are the currently known problems in the game.

  • Lighting Shader may not run on older systems that do not support OpenGL 3.0. This includes OSX since Apple decided to not officially support later versions of OpenGL. I’m working on a fix.
  • There are a few non-critical text bugs in various spots that may or may not actually exist. I received bug reports but wasn’t able to reproduce the effects.
  • Level Generator does not display textures in the SDL version. It still correctly exports levels in the Tellurium Mines.
  • Catalyst counts for Chapter 5 are incorrect since the chapter is not complete and the code needed to split the chapters in this regard is not present.