Development Update: July 31st, 2018

More on Financials Next Week

I’ll be doing a budget report next week based on the financial news that comes in after Patreon runs through all its charges. For now, I’ll say that July has probably been our best month yet. Hooray!

In coding news, I’m about 1/3rd of the way through coding what I’ll need for the Text Adventure content. I’ve made great strides because I’m cannibalizing code from other sections of the game.


You can see here I’m using the existing tilesets for some of the modes to provide a bit of visual flair, and we’ll be making single-standing sprites to communicate the characters.

Text Adventure Mode is still keyboard driven, but I’m going to be adding automatic mouse-driven commands. A list of nearby entities and objects will be on the screen and you can click on them to bring up a submenu, which automatically types commands for you. You can still directly type commands the old-fashioned way, of course.

This system provides a great deal of freedom in designing the game. The character graphics will be done by Koops and inked by Hund, freeing up Chickenwhite to work on mainline content.

Importantly, Text Adventure Bonus Content is Patron-Only

While Chapter 5 and all succeeding chapters eventually become free for all to enjoy, these text-based side games are patron-only and always will be. Luckily you can just become a 1$ patron to get them when they come out.

We also have some plans for these to be released alongside every chapter in order to explore stories that can only be hinted at in the mainline game. The Chapter 5 bonus content has stories concerning dolls, while Chapter 2 is planned to have some fungal people once we get that far into 2’s development.

Other Stuff

Artist Chickenwhite has put some time into shading some of the old Chapter 1 images to bring them more in line with the quality of Chapter 5. We’ve already posted one such enhanced image to our tumblr:tumblr_pcpc4gabC31xb3wrgo1_1280.png

Chicken will be making another one for the golem transformation, and then I’ll be plastering these on some boorus in the hope of drumming up more support.

And below this line you get to see my brand-new media plaster!

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