Development Update: December 17th, 2018


Free bonus stuff! Mosquito girl! LeechCo Brand Doctor Bags have stiff competition from the Mosquit-O-Negative Blood services!

Programming Update

I have two more events to go through, some testing, and then I will send out the next brief prototype for patrons. If there are no massive bugs, it will go public next week just in time for the holidays.

The next prototype features a lot of backfilled content. Interactions, animations, the Tellurium Mines finally being finished – there’s lots there.

Art Update

Chicken has finished the colored and shaded Cassandra transformation images and will be getting me the neutral dialogue poses for all of Christine’s forms. Now she won’t look so janky in conversations! Some other art also got shading improvements and whatnot. Hund is also going to be attempting to get the Doll Manor stuff to a shading phase before I start work on it.

The Holidays

Other than the expected release next week, there won’t be a whole lot going on. I’m out of town for next week (big surprise) as is most of the team. Hey, we’re allowed one week off per year, right?


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