Development Update: December 30th, 2018

Prototype 5-3e is out for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

You can get it here or go to the downloads page!

With the help of a certain slimegirl, we caught that annoying shop inventory bug. Plus there’s lots of other small changes and bugfixes in this copy.

Yes this post is a day early, but I’m going to be busy tomorrow and don’t want to have to write up an update post on New Year’s Eve.

Programming Stuff

We are back to work starting today, no longer sick and rested from a nice vacation.

Since I just put out a release, it’s now time for me to work on Doll Manor, which should be done by the end of the month (depending on the art). I will be updating the combat system to an as-yet unknown system that should flow better, adding all the transformations, endings, interactions, and more.

Art Stuff

Urimas is currently working on the next animation, Zombee Mei’s Zombee encounters! Hund is working on getting the last few dolls inked, while Chicken is getting covers done for MarioneTTe’s stories.

Writing Stuff

MarioneTTe promises that the bee story will be done soon. He hopes before the end of the year. The ghost story should come right after that. If you are a 5$ patron for December OR January you will get access to both stories, since it’s totally our fault that they weren’t out sooner.

Interesting Changelog

The Tellurium Mines now have some randomly placed rooms in them with sort-of sidequests. These areas are incomplete and have no enemies, but the scripts work fine.
There is also now a boss on Floor 50 of the mines for you to fight, and a new ability you can get for 55 on Floor 40.

The Pipe Nightmare puzzle south of Sector 96 is now available for use.

A lot of form handlers have been added and Christine’s many forms now play much more smoothly.

A lot of major UI bugs and whatnot have been fixed. See the changelog below if you’re curious. Many more bugs remain!

Boring Changelog

  • Fixed some problems with the Patreon Backer listing.
  • Fixed some text overruns and spelling errors (Thanks, a bunch of people!)
  • Have a disreputably enjoyable shopping experience! (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Fixed some stray collisions. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed vulnerabilities to DoTs applying twice (Special thanks to Trinity for excellent detective work!)
  • Fixed gems not applying Accuracy/Evade bonuses to equipment. This is indirectly a buff so the game should now be easier than expected. (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Added form handlers for the Pipe Nightmare golem.
  • Added Pipe Nightmare puzzle! Except it’s not a puzzle, obviously. Nobody likes puzzles.
  • Added ‘Lewd’, ‘Seduce’, and ‘Fuck’ commands to the Electrosprite sequence with Susan. (Thanks, Merylgoo!)
  • Electrospite Mode will not appear on the main menu until you’ve played it at least once in Chapter 5. Unless you hack the configuration file. Which is really easy to do.
  • Fixed some floors of the Tellurium Mines generating with too little treasure. Some compact floors may still have low treasure counts, but it should be at least 3-4 instead of 1 now. (Thanks, Seris!)
  • Fixed a wide range of dialogue cues, cutscene positioning errors, and other little things.
  • Added a wide array of form handlers for cases previously missing them.
  • ‘Examine’ is now a synonym of ‘Think’ in Text Adventure Mode. (Suggested by Aaaac)
  • Christine will notify the player of the warp command if she knows about it during Text Adventure Mode when using the ‘Think’ command. (Suggested by Aaaac)
  • Fixed a bunch of the Electrosprite TF’s dialogue going off the edges. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Should no longer be able to enter Sector 15 as anything but a Lord Golem. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed some errors in the Electrosprite scenes. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed an incorrect door flag in the Quantir mansion. (Thanks, Merylgoop!)
  • Dialogue now changes in Sector 198 once the event is complete, and new NPCs spawn!
  • Should no longer be possible to take Sophie on a date right before the shopping sequence. (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Fixed backing to the main menu from Classic Mode not working. (Thanks, Merylgoop!)
  • You can now turn in the recalibration quest in Serenity Crater directly to 300910 if you want to backtrack. (Suggested by Aaaac)
  • Fixed options incorrectly overwriting when strings.
  • When cutting gems, the character who has the gem equipped (if anyone) appears on the UI. (Suggested by Aaaac)
  • Fixed the variables not showing the Electrosprite Work Order (for Sector 198). (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Fixed a bug when warping to the Serenity Crater waystation.
  • Sophie will now notice the transducer for the first Sprocket City special assignment no matter what Christine’s form is.
  • You can now purchase healing items for work credits at a work terminal near you! (Suggested by Aaaac)
  • You can now upgrade your Doctor Bag for work credits! (Suggested by Aaaac)
  • Corrected some lighting errors on the dialogue portraits of Chapter 5.
  • Updated the statistics console at the top of the Tellurium Mines. You now get work credits for repairing each elevator!
  • Fixed a bug in the statistics console in the Tellurium Mines. It was playing the wrong voice tick at one point.
  • Added neutral poses for all of Christine’s dialogue portraits. Note that not all of them are shaded correctly yet.
  • Added statistical variations among Christine’s forms and descriptions to their transform notes.
  • Added 55’s “Take Cover” ability. You can find it on Floor 40 of the Tellurium Mines.
  • Added the boss on Floor 50 of the Tellurium Mines.
  • Added the cutscenes on Floor 40 of the Tellurium Mines.
  • Added four randomly placed pregenerated areas to the Tellurium Mines. They will appear on a random floor between 5 and 39, and will appear on the same floor each playthrough.
    Each of these pregenerated floors has something you can do for more Reputation/Credits from JX-101.
    Please note that these rooms are in prototype and don’t have any enemies yet. They are here just for script testing.
  • Huge thanks to Trinity for helping out with the Pipe Nightmare puzzle and making sure everything works as it should.
  • Fixed gemcutter UI not behaving correctly when there are exactly 24 gems to cut. (Thanks, thedoubleyew!)
  • Fixed Doctor Bag upgrade using the current charges instead of the max charges. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed the Floor 50 boss not sending you back when defeated. (Thanks, a bunch of people!)
  • Fixed the broken poster examination in Sector 119. (Thanks, GoopyBoopy!)
  • Added dialogue emotes to the Tellurium Mines C conversation. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed a bunch of dialogue errors. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed the wrong portraits appearing for some of Christine’s forms. (Thanks, a bunch of people!)
  • Fixed Christine’s Darkmatter portraits misaligning on the combat UI. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed the broken Sprocket City sequence. (Thanks, Aaaac and Trinity!)
  • Fixed the stackable items in shopkeeper inventories bug. (Thanks, GoopyBoopy!)

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