MarioneTTe gets ghosted by his memory.

MarioneTTe here, writing my first ever post to the site. Why? Well, I’m glad you asked!

See, I returned from my three-week hiatus in the boonies today, which means I have an Internet connection again, as opposed to having to use my phone. This meant that the work on the ghost story could be sent to Salty for final review, after which I would do any final edits he wanted, then we could push it out to you folks.

Unfortunately, in my haste to escape the awful dullness that is the cornfields of Illinois, I managed to forget a very particular flash drive on my desk (my mouse, as well, but that’s not relevant to this story). This flash drive is where I keep all of my writing when I can’t access the Internet! This means that this thumb drive also contained the ghost story!

Because it would be a ~10-hour round-trip (plus cost $50-60 in gas) to drive back up to get it, I decided to have my parents ship the drive (and mouse) back to me. It should be here on Saturday! This means that, after the final review and edits, we should have the story ready for you all come Monday.

Sorry for the long wait on this, and please forgive my (lack of) memory!

– MarioneTTe