Development Update: March 4th, 2019

Programming Stuff

Back to work on Chapter 5. I have constructed the overall map for the Biolabs and am about 1/3rd of the way through the basic mapping. This does not involve the scenario work, sidequests, or anything else. The Biolabs is a very large area, slightly larger than Chapter 1’s overworld (minus the dungeons).

Art Stuff

Chicken has completed the second of the enemy designs for the Biolabs, the third to come tomorrow. Hund is working on our brand-new title screen (his idea, I didn’t mandate a replacement, he wanted to do it). Urimas just got us a new loading animation (his idea, again… These artists just do whatever they want I swear) which you’ll get to see in this week’s bonus stuff.

Music Stuff

DrDiss has done it again. Patrons will get to hear Sanya’s theme in Chapter 2… next week probably. Get psyched!

Mario I know you’re reading this don’t fail me

MarioneTTe has promised to have the final draft of the ghost story by Thursday. He’s taken a few months and, at one point, the ghost story was over 100k words. He’s editing it down but holy cow, Mario. Brevity?

5$ Patron Survey Too!

Hey, if you’re a 5$ patron or you played Doll Manor (please contact me if you’re one of the people who is not a 5$ patron but helped test Doll Manor) then there’s a feedback survey. I just want to know if it scaaaared you and what you thought of it overall.

I’ll collect my thoughts and do a Design with a grain of Salt post on Doll Manor later. For now it’s back to maps.

Budget Report Next Week

Too lazy to do it right now. Next week!

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