Development Update: June 17th, 2019

Health Update

I’ve been sick for the last week and am currently on antibiotics. Hoping it clears up soon.

Programming Update

Due to the illness mentioned above, progress has been rather slow. I finished the mapping for the final subquest and am partway through the writing of it, but not as far along as I had wanted.

My goal is to finish it this week and send it along to internal testers next week so as to clean up any serious bugs before the big release.

The target release date is June 29th for patrons. Please be patient with me if I push it back a week due to the illness.

Art Update

Chicken has completed the Raiju TF sequence and the Dreamer TF sequence. Her current goals are to finish several emotes and maybe the milking sequence. Anything not completed before the patron prototype will likely be done before the public version.

Koops has completed a new ending CG for Doll Manor! Way to go, Koops!

Urimas is current on his spriting assignments.

Stinkehund has inked the last emote page given to him (Steam Droid) and will be inking larger images while waiting for the next steam droid page.

Music Madness

DrDiss has given us a new cultist theme! It will be up on Patreon for everyone to enjoy next week as an everyone-bonus-stuff. This week, patrons get to see part of the Raiju TF.

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