Development Update: November 11th, 2019

New Team Member Announcement

Say hello to our new writer/scripter, Pyxxis!

Pyxxis will be helping me with scene writing and some editing, but I’m going to train the poor bastard to make maps, scripts, and all the other things.

Pyxxis is an intern until we assess his technical capabilities. So here’s hoping he has the true grit necessary to start working on a game three years after it started development. Lesser men/women/in-between would pale at the challenge.

Programming Update

I’m almost done the credits sequence, but it’s not ready for a release today. I also fixed the sprites-don’t-appear-on-game-load bug and reorganized the entire repository and game directory.

There will likely be a new prototype for patrons next week including – if I have time – the new costume system.

Art Update – Feedback Requested


Now that chapter 5 is out and the art is complete, we’re trying to establish the game’s final style. This is pass #1 of a shaded, lined 55.

Already we’ve got some feedback on Discord that the shine is too high and we need bolder lines. Let us know what you think on the forums or the Discord.

Chicken has been getting us the miscellaneous art needed to fill out the chapter – and has already delivered Queen Bee Mei! Patrons get to see her today!

Koops is now working on the ending CGs for Doll Manor. They look great, and she also bombards me with pictures of her cute cats.

Urimas is getting me new icons for the game.

unknownAin’t Mei pretty?

Hund is getting us combat animations for all the elements not in the game yet. This week he got us the ice attack animation.

Mario and DrDissonance are up to date on their assignments. Mario will be working on the alraune story between his many, many shifts at his day job, in case you were wondering why it’s taking so damn long.

Odyssey of Gianna Update – Not So Good

OoG, our associated project, got hit by the patreon purity patrol, and has purged its direct art links and beta. You can still get the beta, but it cannot be advertised on patreon directly. You will need to join the OoG discord and speak to Vhiel.

Tell them I sent you, and have a paypal ready.

Fortunately, there is no hint that Pandemonium has run afoul of the forces of censorship.

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