Development Update: January 6th, 2020

Budget Report

I have produced the 2020 budget report for January. It has a bunch of boring numbers and nobody will look at it!

Programming Stuff


I got finished the upgrade to the transformation and costumes UI. We now have a (crude) comparison handler. This will look nicer once actual UI people get through with it, I’m just showing off that we do, in fact, have this coded in now. It compares your current form vs the form highlighted using little arrows to indicate stat changes.

I’ll be finishing the password UI today/tomorrow and then it’s off to work on The Manufactory.

Artist Stuff

So, we had a meeting and determined Chicken will need about 3 months to renormalize ALL of the assets from chapter 1 and 5. That’s good, because we need to finish String Tyrant and the Big Balance Patch.

I bumped Queen Bee Mei up to the top of the priority list and hope to have it out in time for the next chapter 5 patch. Otherwise, it’s a lot of art upgrades from here on out.

Stinkehund is almost finished the combat animations. Koops has started doing some chapter 2 concept work.

Bonus Stuff?

Head over to the Patreon to see some bonus stuff! January is going to have a whole bunch because some very nice and smart and special person commissioned Koops to draw some cool concepts!

Curious Cat

Y’all be curious as hell.




Note: That’s a video. Search for “Rubberfruit Soap” on youtube to find it.
It doesn’t make any more sense in context, don’t worry.





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