Harlbe Noglarpb


The time has come for 2020. So hey let’s talk about the video game.

Coding Stuff

Amazingly I actually got done some coding stuff in the couple of days I had between MANY MANY shifts at my day job. So I spent it working on the campfire UI!


The UI now uses a grid system for easier access and expandability. You are now two keypresses away from the least common options and one or zero from the most common options. I can also more easily expand the grid left and right to use the widescreen space.

The other UIs will follow suit eventually. For now, only the campfire menus look like this.


The relive menu looks a lot sportier.


As does the chat menu.


Warping now shows the region map and map markers, making it easier to keep together mentally where everything is.


And the save menu now supports pages, shows way more saves, allows multiple types of sorting, and lets you delete saves you don’t need anymore.

This is as far as I got in the three days I spent on it. I’ll be finishing up the rest this week, and then starting on The Manufactory.

Artist Stuff

Koops hurt her hand and got sick. Chicken is a holiday. Stinkehund finished the light/holy attack animation. Urimas got us some wicked-sick UI stuff and also finished the diagonals of Queen Bee Mei. As expected, not a lot due to Holidays. We have a team meeting on the 4th to set out goals for the next decade.

Curious Cat

Holy cow we had us a load of questions.








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