Development Update: February 3rd, 2020

Anniversary Celebration is Next Week!

We don’t have a specific date for the game’s birthday so I just put it someplace in February. Well get excited for that because some stupid bonus stuff is getting made for it.

String Tyrant Merch Available

Local maniac Stinkehund has updated our merch stores (see bottom of post) with the designs from String Tyrant. Isn’t the dancer pretty?

If you decide you want one, our cut goes to fund the game, same as a patreon donation except you get a swell shirt out of the deal instead of warm fuzzy feelings. And due to our new gratitude-telemetry device*, you can now get both!

*The Starlight team is not responsible for irreversible damage to the kidneys or liver.

Programming Stuff

I’ve started work on porting the maps of String Tyrant from script to Tiled. I’d have completed it today but, y’know, day job.

Once the maps are ported, I’ll polish up the outstanding bugs and put out a prototype for everyone who has 5$ patron access (or has in the past).

Pandemonium has not received any serious/fatal bug reports from 5-5f so I don’t need to put out any quick patches. Patches will still happen periodically with bugfixes or art updates.


SX-399 got a modified portrait to reflect her sassy attitude. Hund has completed all of the combat damage animations and is going to be working on getting us the finalized title screen layout, since having a box in the middle of the screen looks like ass.

Urimas said he’d have Izuna’s sprite sheet done today. He has not.

Koops has been doing a wild pile of crazy art commissions. Check the patreon to see one!


Most Curious

Look at these fuggin’ q’s.



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