Pandemonium’s Fourth Birthday!


And we celebrate with maximum smug. Thanks Rune for making us a new icon!

That’s right, it’s February (again) and that means it’s Pandemonium’s birthday! We have a new icon, a new header, and some bonus art courtesy of Sinpai and Klaysee!


It’sCherche, of Fire Emblem fame, having been transformed into a golem. Klaysee got the sketch, and I tricked convinced Sinpai to color and shade it.

In the last four years, we have:

  • Released Chapter 1
  • Released Chapter 5, which is basically a game in itself
  • Prototyped a gaiden game (String Tyrant!) which will be released soon
  • Released Classic Mode
  • Released Corrupter Mode
  • Built a community that remade the original assets
  • Spawned a freakin’ spin-off game (Thanks, TL!)
  • Not violated campaign finance laws in any elections

Looking forward the next ten freaking years before chapter 6 is done!

Programming Update

I have completed the upgrade to String Tyrant’s engine. The entire thing is now built in Tiled, so I can start on the bugfixing work. Should be done this week, and then it’s time for new features!

Art Update

Stinkehund has gotten us several layouts for the new title screen menus that look very nice. I have considered allowing him to live.

Chicken has finished some more updates, including Doll Christine having swappable hairstyles. Koops was occupied. Urimas is working on some dance sprites for chapter 2.

There’s a lot of questions



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