String Tyrant Prototype 4 Released!

If you’re a 5$ patron or otherwise have access to the String Tyrant downloads page, you can play Prototype 4!

Wondering what the hell String Tyrant is? Look at this page.

A changelog will be posted on the String Tyrant downloads page – if you have not played the game yet, don’t read it as it contains some minor spoilers.
We are still on track for a March release. Exact date to be determined.

Coding Update

I have finished basically all the bugfix and engine improvements for String Tyrant (hence the release) and have also finished making the game’s upgraded map. Next I will be setting up all the rooms, and later this week I hope to have some of the new traps and TFs in the game.

Art Update

Koops has delivered a new set of concepts for Empress, a companion in chapter 2. Chicken has updated several more of Christine’s portraits and also fixed some of the linework in String Tyrant. Stinkehund has gotten me a new combat UI for String Tyrant.

Urimas made sprites. He’s a spriter, that’s what he does.

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