Development Update: March 2nd, 2020

It’s all String Tyrant stuff today

(Wondering what the hell String Tyrant is? Look at this page.)

I had to divert Chicken and Hund to String Tyrant temporarily. That work is done, so Chicken is now back to updating Christine. Hund is delivering me the remaining images for String Tyrant this week. Urimas got me the indicators and tiles I need, and is back to work on chapter 2.

As for me, the coder who codes, I coded a bunch of stuff. Rather than puke it out for you as I get it done each week, I’m going to make one of my famous Salty Checklists.

  • New Trap/TF/Ending (Done!)
  • New Trap/Ending (Done!)
  • New Trap/TF/Ending
  • New Trap/Ending
  • New Map (Done!)
  • New Enemy/TF/Ending
  • New Scenario work/item placement/balancing
  • New Combat UI (Art mostly complete!)
  • Deck Editor
  • Improved Locality Windows

When all of those are done, the game will be tested extensively, and then released. Get psyched!

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